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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Neutral 32 Mechanical Lobster Coalition
Burlbeard Stonehammer
Main leaderPocket Knight (current)
Admiral Stammervalve (formerly, whereabouts unknown)
Secondary leadersAdmiral Melosus (formerly, deceased), Admiral Claurosa (formerly, whereabouts unknown), Admiral Loreliel (formerly, whereabouts unknown), Admiral Misttracker (formerly, whereabouts unknown)
Race(s)Gnomes, Humans, Dwarves
Other major citiesUnspecified
Theater of operationsAzeroth
Main languageCommon
Secondary languagesAll members speak their own native tongues as well.

History Edit

Origins Edit

  • Under Construction

The Tragedy of the -- Edit

  • Under Construction

The Fall of Mechanical Lobster I Edit

  • Under Construction

Heir to an Empire Edit

  • Under Construction

Prosperous Times Edit

  • Under Construction

The Betrayal & the Fall of Mechanical Lobster II Edit

  • Under Construction

Picking Up the Pieces Edit

  • Under Construction

Third Incarnation Edit

  • Under Construction

Mechanical Lobster I Crewmembers Edit

Crew of the -- Edit

Location: Dragon Isles
Admiral Stammervalve, Captain

Crew of the -- Edit

Location: Northrend
Admiral Melosus, Captain
Charity, Warrioress & Melosus' Lover
Burlbeard Stonehammer, Enforcer
Lucille, Priestess
Artax, Crossbowman
Gregor, Mage
Darvis, Warrior
Harbinger, Darvis' pet bear

Crew of the -- Edit

Location: Westfall
Admiral Claurosa, Captain

  • Under Construction

Crew of the -- Edit

Location: Lordaeron
Admiral Loreliel, Rogue Captain

  • Under Construction

Crew of the -- Edit

Location: Wetlands
Admiral "Fishwhiskers" Misttracker, Captain
Wenikee Gizzlesprocket, Engineer

  • Under Construction

Mechanical Lobster II Crewmembers Edit

Primary Members Edit

Pocketknight, Lobster King
Jiffy, Krab Lord - Deceased
Akire, Krab Lord - Deceased
Carinne, Krab Lord - Deceased
Danth, Sower of Terror
Vivica Darkmoore, Sower of Terror
Honeyido, Right-Hand of Mechanical Lobster - Deceased

Cray Soldier Edit

Lilithia - Deceased

Shrympi Edit

Ahlamindo - Deceased
Ashmo - Deceased
Itami - Deceased
Nikky - Deceased

Krill Edit

Leisen - Deceased
Peppi - Deceased

Hermits Edit

Abrahamm - Deceased
Aragons - Deceased
Atton - Deceased
Ayesuku - Deceased
Docter - Deceased
Fook - Deceased
Jomammy - Deceased
Malac - Deceased
Nightofni - Deceased
Pardunme - Deceased
Primetime - MIA

Mechanical Lobster III Crewmembers Edit

Pocket Knight, Lobster King
Carinne, Krab Lord
Danth, Sower of Terror

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