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AllianceNPC 32George Vardus
Drunken Cleric
Humanmale nopic
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Cleric
Affiliation Alterac, Northshire Abbey, Alliance
Position Former Cleric of Northshire
Location Caer Tyuid
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Baron Vardus
(distant relative)

George Vardus was a former member of the nation of Alterac who's most notable contribution to the world as a whole was aiding in the successful razing of Caer Tyuid.

Early Life Edit

To be announced

The Invasion of Caer Tyuid Edit

Guer'fran the Conquerer and the small band of adventurers he was guiding decided to stop at Caer Tyuid, a small and tremendously insignificant island town. Exhausted from the day before's long journey, they all agreed to stay in the local inn - George, while in agreement, was more inclined to do so in order to "taste test" the booze on the ground floor. It would be several hours before George would be capable of sloughing up the stairs and slump into the bed in the room he was set to share with Robert and Samuel. Less than two hours later, his roommates and the rest of the group in separate rooms were awakened to the sounds of screaming - George only was disturbed from his inebriated slumber because the sounds were giving him a headache. The other two helped him up very quickly and they all stood against the wall the door was a part of, and within a minute an Orc Grunt cautiously came entering the room, blood dripping onto the floor from his ax. This brought George's mind back from the Twisting Nether quicker than lightning, and the three men jumped upon the Orc in a sneak assault. In less than two minutes, the Orc slumped to the floor, dead. The three men moved out after a short breather to check on Camomile and Guer'fran, who had also escaped the razing of the inn in time.

Outside of the inn and into the fray with Gorax's Band, George proved himself mostly useless - it was Guer'fran that did most of the killing that night. However, George succeeded in killing one of the Troll Axethrowers through the usage of booze by breathing it towards the Troll as a sort of flamethrower to disorient and distract it (as he got flame into its eyes, causing temporary blindness) for him to pull out a full keg and, with ample effort, douse the Troll in it. The Troll then started leaping at George and tossing several axes at him, although luckily for him the "cinders" in the Troll's eyes greatly decreased his accuracy. George was able to grab a small chunk of wood that was lit by the fires created during the razings and tossed it into the Troll, immolating it and thereby causing its death.

George at this point slumped to the ground, panting and taking time to recover and recompose himself; he certainly was not used to physical altercations. Within a few moments, he had begun his second wind and started glancing around trying to see where the others were as well as get a feel for his environment. It was at this point that he saw Guer'fran get cleaved from behind just as he was about to slay the leader of the horde band, Gorax Headcrusher. Seeing the High Elf fall to the ground, he quickly leaped to his feet and bolted over to the fray to help Camomile, Robert and Samuel. It was difficult what with both the grunt and Gorax there to battle, but they eventually dispatched with the final Grunt and the four could fully focus on Gorax; unfortunately, the final Orc was a significantly better fighter than the other four combined, and easily parried each of their blows.

It was here that George Vardus had a real moment of clarity: he saw how his life had gone and how he had wasted it in such a frivolous way. From what he could tell, he had never done anything useful and his entire life was pointless - however, Robert Quertass...Camomile Brooks...Samuel Dodson...their lives were significantly more important. Their mission was important. It was then that he chose to make the most important decision of his life. He hit Gorax with a Holy Lance, injuring the greenskin and causing it to turn its attention to him. George threw another two Holy Lances at his opponent before Gorax was upon him. The last thing he saw was Gorax's axe, the Gorefountain, slicing diagonally downwards, and then a warming feeling. Slowly blinking, he looked down at himself to assess the situation, and watched a red stain seep though his clothes, and felt a popping as his bones separated from their proper resting places as he split in two. He was not dead immediately, of course, but was quickly slipping from the injury causing shock and from the obvious exsanguination of his physical form. The world quickly became bright for him, and he thought he could see the physical manifestation of the Light. Before he fully accepted his fate and let himself slip into the void, he heard a pained roar from his slayer as Robert drove his polearm deep into the monster's ribcage.

Trivia Edit

  • George was an adventurer character mentioned in passing in a poorly-written, very short story Gorax's Revenge, which I wrote while playing Warcraft II, around the age of 12.

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