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Hi, my handle is Gregity. I'm rather new at the WowWiki thing and want to create a set of pages describing my efforts at learning to create a decent AddOn for World of Warcraft.

AllianceNPC 32Gregity
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 70
Character class Holy Paladin
Position Miner (Master)
Engineer (275)
Riding (Expert)
Location Server:Fenris (PvE)
Status Alive
Relative(s) unknown

I'm working on the AddOn programming tutorial project.

My Sandbox page: User:Gregity/Sandbox

Current Sandbox Projects
Location Purpose
AddOn programming tutorial The index page and references section to this tutorial
AddOn programming tutorial/Introduction The Introduction with first addon example - Hello World
User:Gregity/Sandbox/AddOn programming tutorial - working page I TrackMe - The next unpublished page

--Gregity (talk)

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