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Gotenks started out as a lowly paladin sometime around June 2005... At level 11 he created his own guild known as "Saiyans", the guild slowly grew with many close friends for a few months...

Around October 2005, and at lvl 40, Parmenion (Gotenks' Real Life Brother) began to pester him into joining the Australasian Timezone based guild "Oz"... With much persuasion from Parmenion and other memebers of "Oz", the "Saiyans" guild merged into "Oz" where he became and "Oz" Officer.

Many of the members stayed for a while, but the final ones left were Gotenks, Devofthias, Sirnebudo, and Arilyna. After a few issues with timezones etc. Arilyna moved himself into "Old School" to be with his brother Nurgen.

Gotenks, or Tenks as he's affectionately known to those around him, finally hit 60 in early 2006, he started raiding regularly with the rest of the "Oz" members of some of the lower instances, LBRS, UBRS etc.

Finally "Oz" took the plunge and ventured into ZG, after much practice and perservence ZG was cleared and placed on Farm Status (Bar Jindo)... Then the guild decided to take a crack at MC... MC went well, albeit slowly at first, but as people became more geared out (Tenks achieving his goal of Full Tier 1) became better and better, until finally MC was on Farm status with everyone acquiring nice items.

AQ20 was next on the agenda, it was a while before this was mastered, and even then not completely... As with the ventures into BWL, made it pretty far, but not quite to Nefarion :P

Just before the release of BC "Oz" split... Hardcore raiders and those focussed on raiding regularly moved into the newly formed "Pure", while the rest of the casual members stayed within "Oz", both remain close still just with now each guild having a different focus within the game.

So BC Arrives, Tenks lvls up some, after all 64 lvls of being a Holy Paladin he decides to respec Retribution, and powered on through to 70. Which brings us to the Now... Tenks still within "Pure" raiding as much as possible and gaining gold... Has managed to acquire a multitude of Epic Craftable Blacksmithing plans.

And so ends the tale of Tenks :P to be updated as more things happen >.<


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