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HordeNPC 32Gorvar
Orcmale nopic
Title The Beast-Master
Gender Male
Race Orc
Character class Hunter , Beast Master
Affiliation The Horde, Bleeding Hollow Clan
Position Scout in Northrend
Location Northrend on duty, Orgrimmar off duty.
Status Alive
Relative(s) Kloria(mate) , Two daughters. Wolfgen(Wolf animal Compagnion), Stepfather-and mother, Stepsiblings with their families.


He is Kilrog Deadeye's grandchild. His own father abondend the young Gorvar and his mother to join Ner'zhul in his quest to open new portals. Shortly after being captured, Gorvar's mother went into a depression, being unable to take care of her son. When he was a todler however, he was rescued from the camp by a Bleeding hollow shaman who infiltrated the camps to keep the orcs morale up, when she escaped she took the little Gorvar with her. She took him to a small Bleeding Hollow Village where she and her mate raised him untill one day he and his wolf, Wolfgen, went of to see the world, meeting up with the Warsong clan. He stayed with the Warsong untill the arrival of Thrall.


A proud warrior in his own right who has a strong feeling of Honour. He likes to fight his foe's face to face rather then jabbing a knife in their backs. Allways kind and helpfull and is known to give aid to the new Horde members, including the newly inducted Taunka and before them, the Blood Elves and the Forsaken. Gorvar the Beast-Master is a complex orc. He enjoys company from other races , but tends to be a loner mostly.He is protective and caring for his family and friends. He loves his family to bits and is one of the few reasons why he remains in orgrimmar for longer periods of time.


Gorvar believes both his parent's dead, his father having abondend his family after the Second war, his mother due to her depression. He has two half brothers, Halmadir a blood elven paladin and the product of a forced mating of his father and a high elven mage, and Jin'zar, a revantusk troll who's mother had a short fling with Gorvar's father. He himself has a female orc as a mate, the warsong blacksmith known as Kloria. Together they have two pups. Wolfgen , allthough he is a wolf, is also family to him, and Gorvar would gladly give his life to save Wolfgen from harm, and vice versa, if needed. He calls his stepmother and father as his true parents, and their children his siblings.


He wields two axes, one for each hand, crafted by his mate Kloria and a bow given to him by his half-brother Halmadir. Some would say Wolfgen is a weapon aswell.

Fighting styleEdit

Gorvar's fighting style is self learned. He based his style from observing human footmen training during his years in the camps and the animals in the wild. While fighting with fierce, raw power, he does it so with cunning and some discipline, making sure his anger does not take over. Like all orcs he has the Bloodlust lingering in him, but can summon it at will. Strangly enough, when he goes beserker, so does Wolfgen.

Also he does not mind using bows and arrows, trying to drain the enemy of all it's mana of he/she is a spellcaster or slowing it down with a Concussive Shot.


Gorvar has many friends in all races of Azeroth. From humans to gnomes from Orcs to Undead he treats every single being as a friend and ally. He counts Thrall as a good friend, and actually met each other during the latter's quest to find Grom Hellscream. But due to Thrall becoming the Warchief, and Gorvar's loner personailty, both last track of each other, but remain on good terms.

Current activitiesEdit

The Warchief asked Gorvar after a few months the Legion was defeated on the island of Quel'danis to monitor the Hand of Vengence on behalf of Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff. Serving as Thrall's 'spy' Gorvar was send along with the Hand and fought alongside them for several weeks untill he could report to the Warsong offensive in Agmar's hammer. The diasaster at the wrath gate shamed Gorvar greatly, for he had no warning of the betrayal. To amend for the diasaster, Gorvar went to Undercity with Thrall, putting Varimathras to justice. Now he spends time with his family back in Durotar, untill Thrall needs him once more. With the assault on Icecrown Citadel, Gorvar is on the Orgrim's hammer, fighting any airborne scourge or Alliance of it.


Gorvar enjoys a moderate inteligence, he shares the same inteligence of a human but is known to make smart tactics and even discussing matters of live with shamans. His opinion is live is to life to it's fullest and share your opinion to all.

Known endeavorsEdit

Gorvar, due to his wandering profession, is known to have done several endeavors. From a young age (15) he escaped the Interminent camp which later would be known as Hammerfall, assisted the future Warchief in his quest. Slayed numerious demons and undead during the 3th war and made several expedionary trips to uldaman. He also claimed he slayed over 9000 enemies, allthough this is still up to debate. He was on the first orcs to ally himself with the aldor, feeling a debt has to be paid. When Keal'thas attacked Silvermoon, he was the first Orc present to defend the City, but was unable to saveguard the Naaru. He traveld after Keal'thas with the Shattered Sun, fighting Demons and Blood elves untill they were driven off the island. During the Scourge Invasion (Orgrimmar) he fought off the Scourge alongside his Warchief and other Adventurers. In recent history, Gorvar was part of the Hand of Vengence expedition untill he could link up with the Warsong offensive. He was also present at the Battle for Undercity.

Distrust in HellscreamEdit

Despite his mate being a Warsong, Gorvar has no trust in Garrosh Hellscream and his tactics in Norhrend. Like Saurfang he feels Garrosh is taking the Horde to a darker place that nearly consumed the entire Orc race and their allies. Gorvar's loyalty is to Thrall alone, and only serves under his orders, not Hellscream's.


Like all orcs Gorvar follows the ways of the Ancestors and the spirits, but does not shun the ideas of the Holy Light. During his time in Outland he saw in greater detail how the Aldor were able to harness the light to give it it's blessing on armor and weapons. Gorvar himself uses Light blessed armor and in some degree understands the workings of the light, but still follows the way of the spirits.

Animal AlliesEdit

During his travels Gorvar made many animal friends who allways linger near him.

Wolfgen the Wolf: Met outside Hammerfall , constant Compagnion,

Talon the Owl: Met shortly before the Exodus of the Horde, scout.

Snapper the turtle: Met during the arrival on Kalimdor, underwater scout.

Wings the Wyvern: Met near Stontalon Peak, Air mount.

Fangs the Wolf: Wolfgen's eldest pup, Land mount.

Shredder the bear: A bear that allows Gorvar to mount on him, met during Gorvar's travels in Northrend.

OOC Info Edit

Gorvar is a Beast mastery orc hunter, currently lv 80, on the European realm of Steamweedle Cartel. His current guild is the Shadow Legion.

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