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Personal information Edit

S: Male

Loc.: Čáslav, Czech Republic

Born: 10.12.1987, Prague

Status: Student, Humanity studies, Philosophical faculty University of Pardubice

Activities: Historical fencing, sitting in a pub :o), reading a fantasy and sciece-fiction, bicycling, MMO.

Contact: gorakhal(a), gorakhal(a)

Game information Edit

My characters that I play (some are inactive).
Faction Name Server Level Race Class Main spec Off spec Armory
HOfficial horde mini-icon Avinuel Drak'Thul 80 Blood Elf Paladin Retribution (Pve) Protection (Pve) Avinuel
HOfficial horde mini-icon Gorakhal Drak'Thul 80 Troll Shaman Elemental (Pve) Elemental (Pvp) Gorakhal
HOfficial horde mini-icon Painebringer Drak'Thul 63 Tauren Deathknight Unholy
HOfficial horde mini-icon Gorunter Drak'Thul 30 Tauren Hunter Beastmaster
HOfficial horde mini-icon Morepaine Drak'Thul 18 Undead Warlock Affliction

Other games:

Tremulous CamperZ

Ultima Online Moria shard

Urban Terror, CoD4

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