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Neutral 32Gnomish alchemist/Melgib Madson
Location Unknown

Melgib madson was a gnome soldier of Gnomeregan and member of the Gnomeregan regiment. He was a good friend of Wrongwald Fizzlecrank.

Death Edit

After the trogg invasion in Gnomeregan and the Radiation bomb was released, many gnomes that survived fleed, the last wave of survivors involved Melgib and his troops and Wrongwald and his family. But when they where trying to escape, a group of troggs attacked. The survivors was injured and the soldiers was few. Melgib understanded they had no chance, so he put a giant bomb on his back, ran into the troggs and exploded them, AND him, giving the survivors a chance to flee. His corpse was never recovered but Some years after Wrongwald, his good friend placed a memory for him on Clockwork island.

Trivia Edit

His name is a reference to the famous movie actor, Mel Gibson, and the main character from the movie that made him famous, Mad max.

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