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"Allright beardlings, this is Dr crank o´ the Clockwerk commitee, he and hes fellah members is going tah help with the steamwheedle fair, so respect him! "
— Thane Grov blackbeard, leader of the Mithril guard
AllianceNPC 32Wrongwald fizzlecrank
Gnomemale nopic
|Image of Wrongwald fizzlecrank]]
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Level 80 Normal
Character class Techno mage, Potion doc, Uncorrupted warlock, Rifleman, Healer.
Position Expert of the Clockwork commitee
Location Server:Moonglade Europe
Status Alive
Relative(s) Zuzzel fizzlecrank(Mother), Rascal fizzlecrank(father), Tullip fizzlecrank(brother), Petita fizzlecrank(sister)
Mentor(s) unknown dalaran teacher

Doctor wrongwald Fizzlecrank Is a gnomish inventor that is expert of both magic, engineering and alchemy and even architecture. Wrongwald is a member of the Gnomish clockwork commitee.

Early life Edit

Wrongwald was born about 85 years before the first war in Gnomeregan. His mother , Zuzzel fizzlecrank worked as an engineer while his father made wonderfull clothes and silks. Wrongwald had two siblings, Tullip fizzlecrank, his elder brother and Petita fizzlecrank, his younger sister. Wrongwald liked to invent gadgets and brew potions and elexirs when he was young and he also liked to draw and read, he usually readed about dragons, and he wished he could meet one. In school wrongwald usually liked to study. At weekends he usually went with his family to fish at iceflow lake.

Meeting Melgib Madson Edit

In fourth class, Wrongwald met Melgib Madson, a gnome child that also liked to invent(most of the gnome pupils in wrongwalds school liked to invent). Melgib and wrongwald soon became good friends and usually meet eachother after school and invented or played. When wrongwald and Melgib was old enough to study in Highschool, Wrongwald went to Dalaran to study magic while Melgib went to Ironforge to study the art of a warrior.

Study in Dalaran Edit

After the school , wrongwald went to study magic in dalaran for 5 years. So one day, Wrongwald and his sister went to dalaran in a gyrocopter to study in the city of Magic. When they arrived they where both suprised to see the wonderfull spires and buildings, Wrongwald, who liked Architecturing, was amazed. They and some other students where greeted and shown to the Violet citadels study by a teacher. In the citadel, Wrongwald for the first time meet the man that would become is lifelong rival. Moznick Razzlebang, A goblin that went from kezan to dalaran to study aswell. From the first day they began hating eachother. Maznick usually sabotaged Wrongwalds experiments and stuff, and wrongwald usually destroyed Moznicks things. Wrongwald studied the element of fire and shadow, and he learned to use demonic magics agienst demons, still, he was religious and believed in the holy light.

Back home Edit

After the 5 year old study, wrongwald togheter with his sister went back to Gnomeregan. Now as a Potion doc, techno mage and architect, wrongwald worked in building new buildings in Gnomeregan and invent new machines. His parents had continued with their old jobs but the family had moved to a bigger house in Gnomeregan. He also met Melgib agien, now Melgib was a recuit of the Gnomeregan regiment and guard. They where both happy to see each other agien.

First war Edit

When the first war broke out, Wrongwald was visiting stormwind and studied their architecture with the help of Edwin VanCleef. When stormwind fell, Wrongwald allready had went home and tough the humans had won.

Second war Edit

When Wrongwald heard the news of stormwinds fall and the orcish threat, he joined the Dwarves and The alliance of lordaeron by serving them as one of the Gnomish inventors and provided them technology, potions and weapons. Melgib was working togheter with Wrongwald and helped the Alliance drive the orcs to justice. When they succeeded, Wrongwald left the grand alliance, to return to gnomeregan with his friend.

The invasion of Gnomeregan and Melgibs death Edit

The gnomes lived long in peace in Gnomeregan, Wrongwald was tinkering on new machine that could help him in Constructing new buildings, when suddenly the city began shaking. It shaked a long time, Wrongwald went into the Hall of gears to see was happenend. There, two tunnels had opened in the square and troggs where pouring out. The military fough them back, but some escaped into the city. Soon when they heard the news that the alliance wanted their help, but that The high tinker had declined it. Wrongwald tough this was a bad idea. So the invasion continued and more blood was spilled. Melgib, now a sergeant in the Gnomeregan regiment, fought in the savage battle. Soon, the bad thing happenend. Thermaplugg wanted to release the radiation bomb. Many gnomes tough this was a bad idea, but they had little time, so they used it, radiating the city, killing more gnomes than troggs. Many of the gnomes, like Wrongwald and his family had escaped the radiation and was too escape the city. But when they was going to, a savage wave of troggs came to kill the hundreds of gnomes that was going to escape. Then, Melgib, said he was going to stop them. Alone. Wrongwald told him it was madness, his parents did, and many else. But Melgib didnt listen, he just said: " Run. Escape the city. Dont wait for me, ill be fine". With a last yell, Melgib charged with a bomb equiped at his back at the troggs, exploding the trogg wave, and him to save the last wave of survivors. After the last survivors came out of the city. Wrongwald was sad. Very sad of the loss of his friend. Then, he and the other gnome survivors fled to Ironforge and rejoined the Alliance. Now Wrongwald was a member of the Gnomeregan exiles, led by High tinker Meqqatourqe.

Meeting the red dragonflight Edit

After the loss of his best friend, Wrongwald left his family to explore the world. He took a boat and sailed North, to northrend. But the ship was destroyed by rocks and Wrongwalds sight became black. Soon he wakend in a tuskar village. The tuskarr fishermen found Wrongwald in the sea and brough him to their village. Their chief told Wrongwald he was in Dragonblight, and that dragons lived here. Wrongwald then thanked the tuskarr and went to the Wyrmrest temple. Where he meet Alexstrasza. He learned much about dragons at the temple and helped them with many things. When it was time to sail home, Alexstrasza gave Wrongwald an egg with a dragon baby inside. Alexstrasza told him it was going to be named Gogostrasz, and it should serve as a ambassador to Wrongwald and also a friend.

Meeting the bronze dragonflight Edit

After coming back to Ironforge, wrongwald went to Tanaris, where he went to The caverns of time where he meet Nozdormu and his dragonflight. Since wrongwald was the red ones friend, the bronze dragonflight welcomed him well. Nozdormu, who knew Wrongwald was a skilled wizard, gave Wrongwald a gift. A watch. Not just an ordinary watch. With the watch, wrongwald could travel in time. After the meeting, he went back to Ironforge.

Wrongwald today Edit

Today, Wrongwald lives on Clockwork island on the coast of tanaris.togheter with Gogostrasz. Hes constructing new invention and brews new potions.

Inventions Edit

The pilotable mechanodwarf. A pilotable robot dwarf. Driven by Thunderale.

RRS. The Rocket RollerSkates is a pair of Roller skates with rockets. The wheels can be felled in or felled out. It also works as shoes. He states this is his best invention

Eu the pumpkin. Wrongwalds hair perfume. Makes the hair recolour to orange and grows around the head, making the testers head look like a pumpkin.

Air bomb. A invention that spreads radiation in the air. Wrongwald never uses is and has hided the recipe.

Anti-radiation suit. A suit he used in Operation: gnomeregan.

Cataclysm Edit

In the pre-cataclysm events, Wrongwald stated to his boss that he had become a Elemental siencetist in order to study the recent earthquakes.

Achievements Edit

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