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I'm mostly interested in lore. I'm trying to figure out backstories and racial bios for my WoW playable race hopefuls: Murlocs, Worgen, Goblins, and Furbolgs. Also, I will give details of my expansion ideas. Make any notes, comments, or suggestions in the appropriate sections on my Discussion page.

Murlocs Edit

Character classesHunter, Rogue, Mage, Warrior, Shaman
Racial capitalDrisburg, Kul Tiras
Racial leader(s)Chillfin (Grand Chieftan)
Racial mountSnap Dragon
Primary language(s)Nerglish (Murloc)
Secondary language(s)Orcish
Average height3 1/2 - 6 feet

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Chillfin HistoryEdit

From the Great Sea come the fish-men known as Murlocs. Long believed to be mindless beasts, it has slowly been discovered that Murlocs are, in fact, surprisingly cunning creatures. In recent years, they have moved further onto dry land, though the majority still reside near the oceans that are vital to their culture and lifestyle. The simple huts built on the shores of many Alliance and Horde territories are merely scouting posts sent to find rivers for travel and lakes for settlement. Murlocs have gone as far inland as Stonecairn Lake in Elwynn Forest and Lake Everstill in the Redridge Mountains. Little is known about their culture, as most researchers get consumed by their subjects. What is known is that their life on land is greatly influenced by their aquatic nature; they have little understanding of fire, due to the fact that flames are extinguished by water, and the salt water oceans they are indigenous to are corrosive to metals. Their discoveries of the uses of both on land have them excited.

The only land-based bastion of Murlocs is Drisburg, an abandoned city in Kul Tiras. It is held by the Chillfin Tribe, who dislike most of their fellow Murlocs. The Chillfin Tribe, named for their Grand Chieftan Chillfin, has joined the Horde not only for protection against their fellow Murlocs (not to mention the humans of Kul Tiras), but also because the Chillfin Tribe wishes to escape the coming of Neptulon the Tidehunter.

Chillfin himself is one of the smartest Murlocs alive, and one of the few Grand Chieftans who feel that the rebirth of Neptulon, long held in Murloc culture as the creator of life and the god who brings prosperity to the tribes, is a disaster that must be avoided at all costs. To this end, Chillfin, himself a skilled Mage, gathered his tribe and migrated to the east, where his scouts had found an ocean-side town. This town, called Drisburg, had been taken by the Scourge, its citizens turned into Undead. Though the scouts had been able to do little damage to the Scourge while they held Drisburg, they had managed to kill as many Undead as they could. Fortunately for the Chillfin scouts, the Scourge's main focus was setting up a base of operations to attack the humans in Boralus, so they barely paid attention to the fish people.

Finally, the rest of the Chillfin Tribe reached Kul Tiras, just in time to take part in a serious conflict between Boralus and the Scourge that held Drisburg. As the two sides clashed, Chillfin and his people knew the Scourge would win, adding each foe they killed to their numbers, and so with a heavy heart he gave the order for his Tribe to attack the Scourge from behind. Not expecting this attack, many of the Scourge were caught unawares, falling before the swarm of Murlocs. The humans, though surprised, took this oppurtunity to kill the Scourge in the most effecient manner known; fire. Though primarily a sea-faring nation, some mages from Tol Barad, the Island Prison, had been sent to deal with the Scourge's foothold in Drisburg. They used their powerful spells to roast their Undead foes, along with the Murlocs who had saved them.

Knowing that the Scourge had been removed from the town, but that the humans would soon attempt to take it back, Chillfin ordered his tribe to retreat. Many were lost in the battle; some had fallen to the Scourge, while others had been roasted alive. Those that remained fled into the nearby seas. Chillfin, in a display of power, cast a powerful Frost spell that formed a wall of solid ice that not only blocked the human's path to Drisburg, but also managed to catch a few humans as well.

Retreating to Drisburg, Chillfin and his tribe managed to take and secure Drisburg, allowing only their own people in. Off the coast, they have built a somewhat simple city, using their primitive building skills and Chillfin's Frost spells to make it hospitible for other races (meaning not flooded, or completely underwater).

Murloc AppearanceEdit

  • Skin Color
  • Fin Color
  • Fin Shape
  • Eyes
  • Eye Color

Murloc ClassesEdit

  • Warrior: Murloc culture originated in the oceans, where bigger is better. Deep beneath the waves, very few Murlocs could survive if not for the brute force a number of them possess. As they make progress in-land, Murloc Warriors discover the usefulness of more advanced weaponry, such as swords and shields. Many of the Chillfin Warriors adapted to the abandoned weaponry at Drisburg.
  • Mage: The Mages of the Chillfin are some of the few Murlocs versed in such arts. Though their knowledge of Magic originated with Frost spells (which were particularly useful in capturing aquatic prey or escaping predators), some now show great interest in Fire and Arcane magic.
  • Shaman: The Murlocs, having lived in the Oceans since before most mortal races were born, are deeply connected to its nature as both a destructive force and a source of life. Murloc Shaman are often more comfortable with Frost spells, though all new Chillfin Shaman must learn the elements in the normal order and use them as required.
  • Rogue: Murlocs are skilled at ambushing foes and launching surprise attacks. The path of the Rogue is one many Murlocs find intriguing, and this trend is encouraged by the leaders of the Chillfin Tribe.
  • Hunter: Life in the oceans requires an ability to find prey, and so Murlocs became excellent trackers, able to find even the slightest trace of prey. Some Murlocs even tame beasts to help them hunt larger and more deadly prey.
  • Druid: While rare, it is not unheard of for a Murloc to walk the path of the Druid. Since the path is closely related to Shamanism and the Chillfin Tribe shows a high affinity for Divine Magic, and due to their relation to the Horde, a larger number of the fish-men have followed the Tauren's example.

Murloc Racial AbilitiesEdit

  • Devour: Instantly consumes a food or drink item, providing the full healing or mana restoring effect instantly. 1 min. cooldown
  • Ravage: A strong attack that does damage based on Attack Power over 1 minute. 5 min. cooldown
  • Gills: When activated, increases movement speed in water by 50% and allows underwater breathing, but slows land movement speed by 33% and causes the Murloc to run out of air while on land. Lasts until turned off. 10 sec. cooldown
  • Slippery Body (Passive): Increases dodge chance and chance to escape Hold effects by 5% each
  • Gift of Neptulon (Passive): Increases the effect of Frost spells by 5% and increases Fire resistance by 5

Murloc MountEdit

In the oceans, it's every creature for themselves. However, ten thousand years ago, the great continent of Kalimdor was sundered by the explosion of the Well of Eternity. At this point in time, a new race came to the oceans, called the Naga. These serpentine beasts introduced a new concept to the sentient species already dwelling beneath the surface: enslaving creatures for transportation. Hunters by nature, the Murlocs learnt to domesticate some of the simpler sea-faring creatures. Over time, they learnt to tame Snap Dragons to carry messages. When the Chillfin Tribe decided to inhabit Drisburg, they found that Snapdragons would allow them to cross over land much faster, helping them in their quest to find lakes and rivers more isolated from the oceans. While accomplished swimmers, the speed at which a Snap Dragon moves is too much for its rider to handle, and so it must remain on the surface.

  • Snap Dragon: 60% Speed increase on land and 60% Normal Speed increase in water. Able to swim. Comes in Blue, Green, and Purple varieties.
  • Swift Snap Dragon: 100% Speed increase on land and 100% Normal Speed increase in water. Able to swim. Comes in Navy, Emerald, and Crimson varieties.

Chillfin Starting ReputationEdit

  • Darkspear Trolls: Neutral
  • Like the Darkspear Trolls, the Chillfin Tribe is trying to abandon many of its old ways (including the eating of intelligent races), but is meeting with some difficulty. Vol'jin, leader of the Darkspears, isn't pleased with the addition, but trusts in Thrall's judgement.
  • Drisburg: Friendly
  • Oggrimar: Neutral
  • Thrall reluctantly let the Murlocs into the Horde due to their strategic positioning and the fact that they, for the most part, truly wish to join the Horde. However, he is not happy about their distrust of Shamanism
  • Silvermoon: Neutral
  • Blood Elves are particularlly unhappy with the fact that the Chillfin are against the Naga, their allies in Outland. Regardless, Lor'Themar Theron knows that the Horde has little power in the Eastern Kingdoms, and so saw no option but to accept the Murlocs.
  • Thunder Bluff: Neutral
  • The Tauren, despite their lack of dealings with Murlocs in their history before joining the Horde, are among the most apposed to the Murlocs. To the Murlocs, Shamanism is the magic of the Old Gods and their lieutenants. Trying to break away from Neptulon's sway, Chillfin was trying to get his tribe to abandon Shaminism as best they could, but decided otherwise when joining the Horde. The Tauren, who see the Earthmother as their creator (much as the Murlocs traditionally view Neptulon as theirs) and source of their power, think of Murlocs as turning their back on that which granted them life. Of course, Neptulon is not the Earthmother, and no one knows for sure if the Earthmother is truly what the Tauren say she is, or if she is something else.
  • Undercity: Friendly
  • Unlike the other races, the Forsaken are very happy to have Murlocs due to their resistance to Scourge control and their close position to the Undercity and Gilneas, and to help their new 'friends' (the Forsaken truly seek to use the Murlocs, due to their supposed lower intelligence) they have created another Orb of Translocation, though the people of Silvermoon dislike the idea of the Murlocs being able to access their capital.
  • Undermine: Neutral
  • The aquatic Murlocs hate how polluted the waters near Goblin-infested areas can become. The fact that their greedy 'neighbours' jumped at the chance to use the Blood Elves' captured Naaru greatly disturbs some of the elder Murlocs, but without their help the humans may have overtaken Drisburg by now.


Into the Maelstrom

Worgen Edit

Character classesWarrior, Mage, Priest, Warlock, Rogue, Hunter
Racial capitalGreymane Mines, Gilneas
Racial leader(s)Romulus Silverfang (Alpha Male), Velinde Starsong (Pack Mother)
Racial mountSpider
Primary language(s)Worgen
Secondary language(s)Common
Average height6 - 8 feet

Faction HistoryEdit

The Worgen come from a world much different from Azeroth. The first known human to make note of the Worgen was Ur, who looked into the home world of the Worgen and found a place of nightmares. The Worgen themselves, in fact, are beasts straight from the fears of mankind. They are as vicious and powerful as wolves, but as cunning and resourceful as men. They are like this due to the state of their home world, which is inherently violent. Several Worgen were brought to Azeroth, some by the Mage Arugal, who brought the more violent Moonrage Worgen into the Eastern Kingdoms to drive away the Scourge. Others, like the Terrowulf and Nightbane, were brought by the Scythe of Elune, an artifact which was once in the possession of Velinde Starsong. As she summoned more Worgen, she began to wonder about their mysteries. The Scythe, she soon found, managed to summon Worgen without her intervention, and she decided to find Arugal to share knowledge. However, she lost the Scythe on the way and therefore any control over the Worgen she summoned. Despite this, she journeyed to Shadowfang Keep where she discovered that Arugal had gone mad and his Worgen killed without mercy.

She would have been massacred within the Keep if not for the intervention of some of her own Worgen, the Silverfangs. In Kalimdor, she had assigned leaders to each of the Worgen packs. When she left for the Eastern Kingdoms she had told them to remain at the Shrine of Mel'Thandris, but a select few followers of Romulus Silverfang had in fact followed her and acted as her guardians. Masterfully holding the Moonrage Worgen at bay, Velinde and the Silverfangs made their way to the gates of Gilneas. Though the gate was locked, the Worgen found their way in over the nearby mountains, which their sharp claws and strong magics allowed them to climb. Once inside, however, the Silverfangs and Velinde Starsong found that the country was not part of the Alliance and would not help them. In fact, King Genn Greymane had, over the years, become a mad tyrant who destroyed numbers of his own people.

Gilneas, though an independent country, had benefited from the Alliance with the other Human nations. When Genn Greymane built the Greymane Wall, however, not only did he keep other Humans from entering, but he prevented his own people from leaving. Soon, trade goods supplied by artisans in Lordaeron and Kul Tiras were sorely missed. Once the Plague struck and the Scourge ravaged the Northern Kingdoms, the screams of survivors disenheartened the stonemasons who maintained the wall and the guards who watched it. Greymane, slowly becoming more paranoid, had ordered many of his people to watch the wall, though they accepted this due to the horrors of the Scourge and the general fear of undeath. That all changed when a few brave peasants felt they should send out a force to cut back the Scourge, a gesture which many agreed was the humane thing to do. Genn Greymane, growing more dangerous and insane, perhaps as a result of Deathwing's mind control during his time as Lord Daval Prestor, ordered their immediate execution. The country was immediately divided into civil war; those who felt a kinship to humanity, even those outside of Gilneas; and those who felt that Gilneas must remain an independent nation, or at least felt loyalty towards their great leader.

All of this was discovered by the Silverfangs and Velinde when they spoke to the few assembled peasants who would risk their lives to speak to them. The revolution had failed, though not without some victory; Genn Greymane's army was destroyed, with only a few guards left. The old man himself still held power over the people, however, and life under his rule was barely life in the eyes of most.

It was here that the Worgen of Silverfang decided to begin their life anew in this world. The survivors of the Gilneas Civil War helped shelter the Worgen as they began to establish themselves in Gilneas. Their efforts were aided by Romulus Silverfang himself, who journeyed to Duskwood and reclaimed the Scythe of Elune. Velinde Starsong now summons Worgen to Azeroth in the Lost Deep Mine.

The Silverfang Worgen call the Greymane Mine their home. Though made by Genn Greymane's order, the mine has been long abandoned, and its many caverns make the perfect home for the Silverfangs.


  • Fur Color
  • Skin Color
  • Markings (Body)
  • Markings (Face)
  • Markings (Claws)


  • Warrior: Worgen Warriors are renowned for their savagery in battle. Having been born and raised in a dark world of horror and violence, they are instinctively aggressive and powerful. Even with the teachings of Velinde, their instincts are impossible to ignore. The truly frightening thing is, no matter how vicious they are, it is incredibly toned down from the level of ferocity inherent to Worgen who do not follow Velinde.
  • Warlock: The Worgen are skilled in numerous forms of magic, and many of them follow the path of the Warlock. To some, Worgen themselves seem like creatures to be enslaved by Warlocks, but one must remember that the creatures summoned rarely have enough magical abilities to turn on their masters. In fact, most creatures summoned by a Warlock of the Worgen race will bend to their will much easier due to the legendary ferocity of the Worgen.
  • Rogue: Every Worgen is well-versed in the art of moving silently and stealthily. They make great assasins or spies, no matter their class. However, Worgen Rogues are the experts of these abilties, able to take any foe by surprise.
  • Mage: The magical abilities of the Worgen cannot be underestimated. Many of the Worgen have mastered magic in its most powerful forms, and experts of Arcane, Frost, and Fire spells can be found even in small groups of Worgen. Of course, the Silverfangs have only a limited number of mages within their number, but those that are are more than willing to spread their knowledge.
  • Hunter: The Worgen have learnt the art of ranged combat from Velinde. Like the Night Elves, they are skilled at ambushing victims with a barrage of projectiles. Despite their dark appearances, Worgen Hunters form close friendships with their pets. Some say that Worgen Hunters use their ferocity to keep their pets in line, while others say nothing at all.
  • Priest: Perhaps the only thing allowing the Alliance to accept the Silverfang Worgen is the fact that several of them have begun to study the religions of races inherent to Azeroth. Though native to a world of darkness, some of the Worgen have gained abilities from their studies of the Light. Of course, most of them focus on the Shadow side of Priesthood, but several have made attempts to perfect their Holy and Discipline skills.

Racial Priest Abilities:

  • Level 10: Dark Shield - Traps the target in a dark barrier that removes them from combat and prevents them from using abilities for 10 sec. 1 min. cooldown
  • Level 20: Shadow Plight - Creates 3 Worgen Illusions to distract enemies. The Worgen Illusions will appear to be the user to everyone but will act as pets. The Worgen Illusions cannot do damage but have a higher threat than the caster. The Illusions last for 30 sec. or until killed. 3 min. cooldown.

Racial AbilitiesEdit

  • Strong Will (Passive): Gives a 5% chance to resist Fear, Sleep, and Charm effects
  • Dark Predator: The Worgen leaps at its prey, frightening it for 4 seconds. 8-25 yard range.
  • Demon Master (Passive): Increases the effects and attributes of controlled Demons by 5%
  • Demon Slayer (Passive): Increases damage done and spell effects against enemy Demons by 5%


On their home world, Worgen must move slowly and cautiously at all times. The Silverfangs, however, no longer in their home world, have found that most places are actually relatively safe, and so speedy travel is not a beacon for deadly foes. Deep within the Greymane Mines, the Silverfangs discovered large spiders, one of the causes for the mine's abandoned state. Though the spiders were fierce predators, the Worgen managed to slay some of them, and now breed the survivours as mounts.

  • Riding Spider: 60% Speed increase. Comes in Black, Brown, and Green varieties.
  • Swift Riding Spider: 100% Speed increase. Comes in Red, Yellow, and Emerald varieties.

Starting ReputationEdit

  • Darnassus: Friendly
  • Velinde Starsong, regarded as the Pack Mother (meaning she takes care of the injured and teaches inexperienced Worgen), acts as ambassador between the Silverfang Worgen and the Night Elves. On the word of one of their own, the Night Elves welcome their allies, though they majority of the populous is somewhat uneasy for obvious reasons
  • Exodar: Friendly
  • Being from another world themselves, the Draenei feel a slight sense of comraderie for the Worgen, and have accepted a number of Worgen into the Exodar, mostly so that Velen can gain information about the Worgen's customs and home world
  • Gnomeregan Exiles: Neutral
  • Worgen are not fans of technology, as machines tend to make loud noises, repugnant smells, and occasionally bright lights, all of which affect the senses of the Worgen. Likewise, the Gnomes are not very confident in being allied with large carnivores with sharp claws
  • Greymane Mines: Friendly
  • Ironforge: Neutral
  • The Dwarves and Worgen both enjoy a life in the earth. However, Worgen also enjoy living in forested areas, while Dwarves only like forests if there is something to hunt. Conversely, some Dwarves don't trust Worgen with alcohol, especially after an incident which ended with a disembowled ram, the loss of an entire shipment of Thunderbrew Ale, and the castration of half a dozen Dark Iron Dwarves, caused by the Worgen responsible having a small drink
  • Stormwind: Neutral
  • Once allies of Gilneas, the humans of Stormwind were reluctant to believe that Genn Greymane had gone mad behind his great wall, but the good folk of Gilneas maintained their support for the Worgen, who they viewed as their saviours. The nobles are rather upset about having a race of monsters in their city, but everyone knows that if they speak against the Worgen, they may very well end up with their heads ripped off, and that few of the people of Stormwind would really be very upset with that


The Emerald Nightmare


Character classesHunter, Rogue, Mage, Warrior, Warlock, Paladin
Racial capitalUndermine
Racial leader(s)Trade Princes
Racial mountShredder
Primary language(s)Goblin
Secondary language(s)Orcish
Average height2'7" - 4'3" (males), 2'5" - 3'1" (females)

Faction HistoryEdit

Of all the insane ventures Goblins have come up with over the years, none is half as insane as that of the Adventurer's Coalition. Comprised of Goblins from all walks of life, all the Trade Princes have invested in this group. The Trade Princes observed all the heroes who faced peril and saved lives, taking note of all the treasures they accumulated. What they realized was that they could get more wealth if Goblins themselves were the ones risking their lives. Any who believe a Goblin would much rather leave themselves protected than take a risk when profit is on the line has the little green entrepreneurs confused with some other race. No one is more willing to go through hell and high water for a little gold than a Goblin who finds the possible outcome better than other ventures.

Because the Trade Princes mostly agree that the cold war between the Alliance and the Horde must continue to create revenue for their race, the Goblins of the Adventurer's Coalition are seperate from the other Cartels. They are counted amongst the Horde, for though the commerce of the Alliance is plentiful, the brute force of the Horde appeals to every Goblin's sense of using others to their advantadge. The most altruistic of Goblins (those who are in the employ of another and are well compensated) have agreed to join the Blood Knights for the tremendous benefits that can be granted to their somewhat frail bodies.


  • Skin Tone
  • Face
  • Hair
  • Earrings


  • Hunter: The surface of the Isle of Kezan is a tropical jungle, filled with beasts ripe for the killing. No Goblin hoping to make any money will be taken seriously unless he knows how to survive on his own and kill anything that gets in his way; having a pet and a gun makes that lifestyle much easier.
  • Rogue: The wiry Goblins occasionally find themselves in illicit deals for which a gentle touch is needed. While some prefer to hire others to do this, those 'others' appreciate the art of taking from the rich and giving to themselves. Assasinations also provide decent payment, making the Rogue class even more exciting to some Goblins.
  • Mage: Ever since Goblins learnt how to manipulate magic, the world has never been the same. Commanding fire and ice, Goblin Mages make excellent overseers of Goblin Business. With the creation of the Adventurer's Coalition, the demand for magic-created items has risen. And so the Mages from the Undermine hope to use their skills for greatest profit.
  • Warrior: Despite their small size, Goblins are aggresive fighters and can defeat enemies many times their size.
  • Warlock: When Goblins were exposed to magic, they took one look at the demons and began enslaving them. No Goblins have any real qualms about using demonic power for achieving their goals, and have little fear of succumbing to darkness. Very few Goblin Warlocks do fall prey to their demons, possibly because Goblins themselves are already so insane and corrupted.
  • Paladin: Before the Blood Elves joined the Horde, no Goblin would even think of becoming a Paladin. A total devotion to the Light was unheard of to the race. Due to the chain of events surrounding the creation of the Blood Knights, Goblin interest in the class was raised. Even after M'uru was captured by Kael'thas, several Goblins wished to become Paladins for the great power and potential profit that comes with it. After all, some Goblins say, you must protect your investments

Racial AbilitiesEdit

  • Entrepreneur: Gives all Professions +5 (Only applies to known professions)
  • Treasure Finding: Locates Treasure on the Mini-Map
  • Expansive Mind: Increases Intelligence by 5%
  • Goblin Economics (Passive): Shows the approximate monetary value of an item in its tooltip
  • Multi-Lingual: Speaks Taruhae, Murloc, Gutterspeak, Thalassian, and Troll in addition to Orcish and Goblin


Goblins are perhaps the most oppurtunistic race around. Some have been known to ride on Ogre Slaves, but perhaps the most famous of Goblin Mounts are the Goblin Shredders. Machines made specifically to accomadate Goblins by giving them size and power, they have become somewhat symbollic of the Goblin race. Despite their impressive appearance, the large saw blade is designed for cutting trees rather than enemies. While some are customized for combat, most Shredders are not particularly useful against a powerful enemy. Most Goblins make them to adapt to their particular needs, but sadly the entire desgin would have to be reworked to accomadate the other races of the Horde, save the Murlocs.

  • Basic Shredder: 60% Speed Increase. Comes in Green, Red, and Blue varieties
  • Advanced Shredder: 100% Speed Increase. Comes in Navy Blue, Verdant Green and Scarlet varieties

Starting ReputationEdit

  • Darkspear Trolls: Friendly
  • The Darkspear Trolls trust in the Goblins that have joined them only as much as they have to, but are on friendly terms.
  • Drisburg: Neutral
  • Both Goblins and Murlocs have Capitals on islands and have Zepplin lines between them (the Kul Tiras Navy may be weakened, but they still provide problems to ships that get too close). Despite this, neither puts much faith in the the other, as Goblins hope to use Murlocs to their advantadge and Murlocs dislike the polluting natures of the Goblins.
  • Oggrimar: Friendly
  • Though the Goblins cut off most ties to the Horde after the Second War, Thrall managed to keep friendly relations with a number of Goblins who run the Horde Zepplin Lines. These Goblins are counted as members of the Adventurer's Coalition.
  • Silvermoon: Neutral
  • Blood Elves are antagonistic towards most Goblins because of their views. Likewise, Goblins care little for the Blood Elves and their suffering.
  • Thunder Bluff: Neutral
  • The Tauren are not happy with the way the Goblins destroy everything in their path, and no self-respecting Goblin would care about how anyone feels about their actions (excepting the effect on profit). However, the Goblins of the Adventurer's Coalition attempt to avoid negative relations with the Tauren due to their size and influence with the rest of the Horde.
  • Undercity: Friendly
  • Only the Forsaken are more willing to subject themselves to risky experiments than the Goblins.
  • Undermine: Friendly



Character classesHunter, Rogue, Warrior, Shaman, Druid
Racial capitalBarrow Deeps
Racial mountBasilisk
Primary language(s)Ursine
Secondary language(s)Common
Average height7' - 8'4" (males), 6'8" - 8' (females)

Faction HistoryEdit

During the invasion of the Burning Legion, Mannoroth spilt his blood into a fountain, corrupting its waters and all who drank from it. Even without drinking from it, the environmentally-sensitive Furbolg were twisted and driven mad by the mere existence of such demonic taint. Not long after, the vast majority of the Furbolg tribes in northern Kalimdor became aggressive. While the Night Elves found a number of still-peaceful tribes during Eternity's End, the only confirmed tribe to remain untouched are the Timbermaw in northern Felwood. Despite this, another tribe is said to dwell deep beneath Mount Hyjal...

During the Twilight of the Gods, when Archimonde launched his assault on Nordrassil, the races of the world made their stand against the Burning Legion. The Alliance, the Horde, and the Night Elves defended their bases valiantly, but in all likeliehood they could not have held back the Demons if not for the assistance of the Dark Trolls and Barkskin Furbolg who also made their home on the mountain. What became of them, no one can say. However, it is believed that the Furbolgs at least retreated into the depths of the mountain, and the ancient Barrow Deeps may very well be home to one of the last tribes.

Rumours often have basis in reality, and this is no exception. Recently the Furbolgs of the Barrow Deeps have made contact with their former allies, the Night Elves. After the battle of Hyjal, the Barkskin Tribe was decimated and the survivors were quite corrupted. However, due to their proximity to the World Tree they managed to retain their sanity. To this end they withdrew into the mountain, hoping that the power of the Tree would heal them. It appears to have worked, as they have managed to establish a small society within the Hyjal region. However, they have made troubling discoveries deep beneath the earth, and have joined the Alliance while they try to deal with the odd taint reaching through the lower parts of the Deeps...



  • Hunter: The ancient forest of Ashenvale was guarded by the Furbolgs for ages. More in tune with the wilderness then even the Night Elves, the Furbolg Hunters can find their prey - no matter where it is hiding.
  • Rogue: The first time someone meets a Furbolg, if they have not heard tales of them, they may expect the bear-man to attack viciously and slowly. In the blink of an eye, however, the same Furbolg may be behind them, with a knife up to their throat. Years of life in the forests and caverns of Ashenvale have given Furbolgs immense skill in sneaking up on their prey.
  • Warrior: Furbolg warriors embrace the ursine attack method of barreling straight in and defeating their foe. Warriors of the Furbolg tribes are employed to protect their settlements from invaders.
  • Shaman: No race has a greater history of communion with the divine than the Furbolgs. Long ago Furbolgs found ways to speak with the elements, and those who embraced them became major figures in Furbolg society.
  • Druid: Furbolgs listen to the world around them, and through this they have gained the right to join the Cenarion Circle. They, even more so than the Night Elves, live amongst nature's teachings.

Racial AbilitiesEdit

  • Feral Rage: Increases Haste by 10% and damage done by an amount equal to your level times 10. Lasts for 30 sec. 3 min. Cooldown
  • Bestial Nature: Reduces the range at which any Beast will attack you by 10 yards. This cannot be used in combat. 10 sec. Cooldown
  • Staff Specialization: Increases chance to score a critical hit with a staff by 1%
  • Thick Skin (Passive): Multiplies Armour by 10%

Furbolg MountEdit

Mount Hyjal is home to a myriad of beasts. Deep within the Barrow Deeps dwell a number of odder creaturs, some of which are found nowhere else. Deep within the earth the Furbolgs found refuge after the forests were corrupted, and found creatures that had hitherto been unheard of to them: the Basilisks. Over time the Furbolgs managed to tame a number of the fierce beasts and blind them so as to protect the unwary from their deadly sight. With some experience, the Furbolgs have managed to ride these great lumbering beasts. Despite their lost sight, the Basilisk mounts of the Furbolg are able to move quickly and surely due to both their other strong senses and the training of their masters.

  • Basilisk: 60% speed increase. Comes in Red, Green, and Yellow varieties
  • War Basilisks: 100% speed increase. Comes in Cobalt, Marble, and Iron varieities

Starting ReputationEdit


Into the Maelstrom Edit

Ten thousand years ago, the world of Azeroth had but one continent, in the middle of the Great Sea. At the centre of this continent, known as Kalimdor, was the Well of Eternity, a vast lake of liquid magic in its most refined form. The Well was not only both the source of life and magic for Azeroth, but also the prison of the Old Gods, beings who ruled in ages past and would bring only horror and death with their freedom. However, ten thousand years ago, the Well of Eternity was destroyed, its magic almost lost to the ages. With its destruction came the Sundering, which broke Kalimdor into two smaller continents and countless isles. Where once stood the well is now the Maelstrom, a vast storm that draws all near into oblivion. However, at the core is Nazjatar, home of the foul Naga who were created in the Sundering. Transformed, they now serve Neptulon, agent of the Old Gods. The Naga's first task after their creation was the summoning of Neptulon. Ages ago, Neptulon waged war on the Gurubashi Trolls, but after much of their land was drowned and many civilizations were lost, they managed to create the Stone of the Tides to strike back at him. In a grand battle, the home of the Stone was lost, but Neptulon was cast away from the Gurubashi Empire, greatly wounded. He now resides within the core of the Maelstrom, hoping to regain his power by consuming sacrifices brought by the Naga and the lands drawn into the Maelstrom.

The Naga Queen, Azshara, hopes to destroy all life on land, but has one more goal; to raze all life. To this end, she seeks the power of Sargeras, which flows from host to host. Though she has taken steps towards obtaining this power, the fact that it may be farther out of her grasp than she could ever realize is beyond her. Though she sent her most loyal servant to answer the call, she has not heard from Lady Vashj for quite some time.

New QuestsEdit

After the Sundering the former continent of Kalimdor lay in ruins. Deep beneath the waves all sorts of creatures made their home. Now, ten thousand years later, several islands have surfaced and at last the darkness of the Great Sea shall be pushed aside, revealing secrets millenia old. Countless ghosts dwell on the islands in the Great Sea, some, strangely enough, not native to the parts. It is up to adventurous heroes to learn why spirits from everywhere are drawn to the Sea, dive into the darkest depths, and face creatures who must never see the light of day.

New RacesEdit

  • Goblins
  • Greedy little creatures, Goblins never ignore an oppurtunity to make a profit. In the interest of continuing the cold war between Alliance and Horde, a faction of Goblins have decided to choose sides. With the support of the Trade Princes of the Undermine,
  • Murlocs
  • The Murlocs are Fish-men who have been displaced from their ancient homes by the encroaching Naga. While the race as a whole follows Neptulon, a small faction have decided to join the Horde. The Chillfin Tribe, named after their leader, are surprisingly well-versed in magic, and have created a few cities of ice that float dangerously near the shores and coastlines of Alliance territory. Their major conflict is with the Humans of Kul Tiras. From their capital at Drisburg, the Murlocs negotiate with the leaders of the Horde.

New RegionsEdit

  • Kul Tiras
  • The Human nation of Kul Tiras is based off an island and as such has a legendary fleet. While much of this fleet was damaged or destroyed during the Second War, Kul Tiras remained a strong member of the Alliance until relatively recently. Admiral Proudmoore, former ruler of Kul Tiras, was killed by Orcs in Kalimdor after journeying there to find his daughter Jaina. However, ever since his departure, his son Tandred has become the current ruler of Kul Tiras. Lately it appears he has gone mad, ordering the destruction of any ship that comes near. As such the only undefended port lies near Drisburg, a town which fell to the Undead but has now been taken by the Murlocs. While countless members of the Alliance wish to send or recieve word from the island nation, none are sure what to expect.
  • Broken Isles
  • The ancient ruins of the Night Elf city of Suramar were raised from the depths several decades ago by the Orc Warlock Gul'dan. These islands were where Magna Aegwynn banished the artifacts of the Avatar of Sargeras ages ago, and were the reason Gul'dan brought the Horde to Azeroth in the first place. Though they collapsed several years ago, it is whispered that the ancient catacombs have returned to their former glory. Since then, the caverns that were once filled with Demons, known as the Tomb of Sargeras, have found a new mistress. Brooding in the darkness lies the once-proud Maiev Shadowsong, resigned to her fate of emptiness. In the newly-dubbed Masoleum of the Betrayers, she manipulates the spirits of those who betrayed their brethren, torturing them for eternity. While this may not have a direct effect on the outside world as of yet, strange things are happening in the winding corridors now, and the crews of the few ships that journey near the Isles whisper rumours of an ancient plot coming to fruition...

New ProfessionEdit

  • Woodworking
  • Use lumber to create items used in other professions and make certain reagents, not to mention weapons and arrows

New Hero ClassesEdit

The Emerald Nightmare Edit

The Emerald Dream is, quite simply, what Azeroth would have been if not for the mortal races. It is where everyone goes in their sleep, a world of plants eons old. There are no roads to follow or paths to choose; everything is covered in vegetation, with roots the size of small buildings spread throughout. However, recently there has been a force at work within the Emerald Dream called the Nightmare, corrupting all it touches. So far, no race is known to be able to resist these effects, all who it grasps turning into monstrous beasts. The Nightmare, born from the fears of mortals, is slowly claiming the Emerald Dream, bringing low all in its path. The Druids, under the leadership of Malfurion Stormrage, have attempted to hold it at bay, but their efforts are negligible at best. For, no race can withstand the horrors of the Nightmare... Except, perhaps, those born of nightmares themselves...

New QuestsEdit

Ever since the banishment of the Old Gods, the Emerald Dream has stood as what some believe to be the true face of the world. It is a vast, verdant land, filled with mysteries and wonder. Not normally accessible to mortals, there exist a number of portals which will allow any to enter. In these ancient woods lie many secrets, some grand and some horrible. Learn the fate of those once thought gone as the remnants of the Immortals wage war, prove your worth before Ysera herself, and challenge a creature foul enough to twist Dreams into Nightmares.

New RacesEdit

  • Furbolg
  • The Furbolg of Ashenvale have endured much in recent years. With the latest invasion of the Burning Legion many Furbolg went mad and the few tribes that maintain their sanity struggle to survive against enemies both old and new. Recently, the Barkskin Tribe of Mount Hyjal have made contact with the Alliance, hoping to join in the battle against the Legion with the hopes that they can help save the Furbolg from extinction. Deeply connected to the Emerald Dream, their first goal is to stop the Nightmare that threatens to consume their world from the inside out.
  • Worgen
  • These feral beast-men come from another world, drawn by strong magic. They fear no foe, no matter how strong they are. One particular pack of Worgen, led by the Alpha Worgen known as Romulus Silverfang and the Night Elf Velinde Starsong, have taken up residence in Gilneas. Under Velinde's guidance, these Worgen have joined the Alliance, though their position is questioned by many. In many ways, their position is similar to their hated enemies, the Forsaken, with whom they fight for territory. Despite coming from another world, the Worgen appear to have a connection of sorts with the world of Azeroth. They, along with the Forsaken, are the only ones naturally immune to the effects of the Emerald Nightmare.

New RegionsEdit

  • Gilneas
  • Once a grand human kingdom, Gilneas was isolated from the rest of the world by King Greymane at the end of the Second War. Now, over two decades later, the gates have opened once more - revealing a mad king and a country whose peasants are forced to look to the Alliance for salvation.

New WorldEdit

  • The Emerald Dream - Comprised of:
  • Nightmare Forest - Alternate version of the Southern part of Eastern Kingdoms, accesed via Twilight Grove in Duskwood.
  • Slumbering Plains - Alternate version of the Southern part of Kalimdor, accessed via Dream Bough in Feralas.
  • Terror Peak - Alternate version of the Northern part of Eastern Kingdoms, accesed via Seradane in Hinterlands
  • Restless Woods - Alternate version of Northern part of Kalimdor, accesed via Bough Shadow in Ashenvale
  • Deep Scar - Alternate version of Northrend, accesed via Crystalsong Forest
  • Broken Lands - Alternate version of The Great Sea based on the lands that were there before the Sundering. Holds the Eye of Ysera

New ProfessionEdit

  • Wood Gathering
  • Allows the gathering of lumber from certain trees (special, smaller trees) and, on occasion, certain enemies

New Hero ClassesEdit

Little TimmyEdit

Little Timmy was the youngest of Alicia's 7 children. After being rescued from the Gnolls by Prince Arthas himself, the child idolised the man. Thus, when a pack of ghouls stormed the house and disembowled his brother Andrew in front of his eyes, he wished Prince Arthas would return and save him. The family fled to Stormwind, where the oldest brother Vincent lived. Sadly, his brothers Steven and Logan starving to death on the long trek to the safety of the south. The image of their emancipated bodies collapsing, their flesh discoloured, was burned into his mind. So long as he lived, he could not forget how the bright, cheery faces of his brothers had become so wretched during their final moments.

Finally, though, Little Timmy's remaining family made it to Menethil Harbor. Little Timmy, despite all the horrors he had witnessed, became jubilent upon hearing a town which, to his naive mind, was named after his hero. While his mother secured passage on a ship to Stormwind, he and his brothers went off to play in the town. The harbor, filled with refugees, was no place for a child. At some point, his brother Garrett vanished amidst the confusion. His fate was never discovered, as the guards were struggling to maintain order. Pained by the loss, Little Timmy boarded the ship for Stormwind with his mother and last remaining brother.

However, the ship was crowded. The voyage was long. Illness set in and claimed many lives, his mother's amongst them. He tried to care for her, but the Consumption (tuberculosis) was vicious. After several days of violent coughing her body gave up on itself. Due to possible plague scares, all corpses were dumped into the ocean. They watched as her legs were bound in rope and tied to a stone, then cast into the murky depths. Thus, the two boys lost their mother not once, but twice.

When the two boys arrived in Stormwind, they met with their brother Vincent in the hopes that he could support them. And for the first time in months, James and Little Timmy were able to live in peace. James even met and married a young woman named Lynn. Less then a year later, they had their first child, young Jimmy. To provide for his family, he decided to move to Theramoore and start an inn. James Hyal's Shady Rest Inn became a well-known attraction that drew many customers, from humans to elves and dwarves. All it needed were some Tauren to brighten up the place.

Bear in mind that this Little Timmy is, barring time travel and Polymorph, neither Timmy the Cruel nor a penguin.

New AbilitiesEdit

By Class:

Death KnightEdit

Blood Bond - When the friendly target is healed, the Death Knight is also healed for 100% of the healing done to the target. Only one target may have this effect.


Tornado - Summons a large tornado that will apply the Cyclone debuff on nearby targets. Channeled. Possibly siege damage.


Crippling Shot - A shot that randomly lowers either attack speed, movement speed, or casting speed. Crippling Shot will also hurt the target over time.


Mass Polymorph - Turns all enemies in a small area into Sheep for X seconds. Will not be applied to enemies with Damage over Time effects. Targeted AoE.


Mass Ressurection - Revives all dead allies within a certain distance of the Paladin. Consumes all of the Paladin's current Mana, with a minimum amount per ressurected player. Not usable in combat.


Holy Word: Life - Revives a fallen ally and shields them from damage for 30 seconds. The priest loses health to cast this spell. Usable in combat.


Disguise - Alternate Stealth ability. The Rogue takes on the appearance of a humanoid target, fooling monsters that are friendly to the target. Monsters with stealth detect will see through the disguise, but monsters without will be completely fooled. Allows for normal movement speed and use of all abilities that require stealth.


  • Earthquake - Shakes the ground in a area, slowing movement and attack speeds and giving all enemies a chance to fall down. Possibly siege damage.
  • Wind Walk - Doubles the running speed of the target and prevents fall damage.


Demonic Portal - Summons multiple demons to fight the Warlock's enemies. These demons cannot be enslaved and will vanish when the portal vanishes. Channeled.


Epic Cleave - Does a large amount of damage that ignores all shielding effects and part of the target's armor. Also does 100% of the damage done to the target to up to 4 nearby enemies. Converts excess rage into damage. Causes a high amount of threat.

Deathwing EncounterEdit


Phase 1: Find Deathwing in a vast lake of lava beneath Grim Batol. Typical ground/flying rotation, with a flame aura and an armour debuff on the tank.
Phase 2: Floods the room with lava. Players have to escape through a passageway before the lava covers everyone.
Phase 3: Gauntlet event as Deathwing emerges from the mountain and minions attack you. As infinite dragons and cultists assail you, the lava at your back forces you onwards.
Phase 4: The raid is picked up by Gryphons/Wyverns. The raid has to deal with adds as NPCs hold off Deathwing. This phase ends either when all the adds are killed or when all the NPCs are killed.
Phase 5: The raid fights Deathwing in the air. The way the fight works changes depending on whether adds or NPCs remain. NPCs have decent health but don't do much damage to Deathwing, and will effectively tank him if they're still alive. Adds will drain mana from players, which Deathwing can gain if he devours them.
Phase 6: Begins when Deathwing enrages (15 minutes in). Only occurs if Deathwing is not already dead, and if the Enrage occurs during Phase 5. All players are forced off their Gryphons/Wyverns and onto Drakes and Alexstrasza appears to keep Deathwing distracted. Players now have 5 minutes to down Deathwing or wipe. Drakes function identically to Gryphons/Wyverns.


Phase 1:
Molten Aura: Deals fire damage to all players within 20 yards of Deathwing. Also puts a debuff on all afflicted targets that reduces armor by 5% every 10 seconds. Stacks 20 times.
Molten Breath: Deals fire damage in a cone in front of Deathwing. Also puts a debuff on all afflicted targets that reduces armor by 20%. Stacks with the debuff from Molten Aura.
Lava Buffet: Deathwing splashes some lava at the players, dealing 8% of their maximum health per second for 13 seconds.
Airborne: Deathwing emerges from his molten bed and flies around. While Deathwing is Airborne, all threat is erased. Deathwing will not cast Molten Breath or Lava Buffet while Airborne.
Meteor Storm: Deathwing summons flaming rocks that fall upon the raid. Each Meteor does fire damage to players within 10 yards of it. Deathwing can only use this ability while Airborne.
Meteor Crash: Deathwing crashes into the ground, knocking down all players and instantly casting Lava Buffet. This ability removes Airborne.

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