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Neutral 32Gerrom Birchwolf, son of Re'goth
Title The Wandrer
Gender Male
Race Mag'har (Humanoid)
Level 80 Elite
Character class Shaman (Formerly), Beastmaster, Bone Crusher, Barbarian, Spirit Champion (Currently).
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Horde, Warsong Clan
Location Dreanor
Relative(s) Re'goth (Father), Dhe'rine (Mother), Gre'thog (Mentor).
Comp(s) Brownmane (wolf companion)

"Perhaps the elements never left us, maybe we just forgot to listen..."

"To kill a worthy foe, who fights like a man of honour, is the true way of combat, but to kill a weak or wounded enemy, through means used by the rogues, that is not a kill, it is a murder, and should be punished..."

- Gerrom.

Gerrom Birchwolf, is a trusting individual, many that meets him are stunned at his respect for the wilderness, as

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Early lifeEdit

Gerrom was raised in the Warsong Clan, and was a fearsome warrior already before he had reached maturity. During the secound war, his parents were captured by the humans, and he was adopted by Gre'thog, one of the Shamans in the clan.

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Seperated from the elementsEdit

After time, Gre'thog discovered that Gerrom had potential to become a shaman, and Gerrom was trained. Gerrom learned to respect wildlife, find peaceful sulutions for conflicts, and to listen to the elements. As he would later understand, and as he theorises in the qoute above, he might not have been seperated after all.

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Time under Gre'thogEdit

When Gul'dan wanted all the orcs to drink the blood of Mannoroth, Gerrom and his mentor fled into the wilderness, but after time, Gre'thog died from a wound inflicted by Fel orc Warriors.

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Time in exileEdit

In his time in exile, Gerrom befreinded a wolf he found in the wilderness, which he named Brownmane. He started wandering the lands, and many of those, wether Broken or Orc, gave him the title "The Wandrer". Among other things, he befreinded the broken scout Rothez Ashburn, who joined his travels, and provided him with information about his surrounding.

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Reunion with the HordeEdit

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