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This user is about the playable race of pandaren. For more information on the pandaren race in general, see pandaren.
Neutral 15 Pandaren
Character classesHunter, Shaman, Warrior, Brewmaster
Main languagePandaren
Secondary languageOrcish, Common
Starting zoneVillage Hidden in the Bamboo, Pandaria
Racial leaderShun Earthcaller
CapitalThe Forgotten City, Pandaria
Racial mountIconSmall Bear Bear

The pandaren of The Forgotten City are a faction of pandaren, the pandaren player race. They live on the isle of Pandaria, which is placed somewhere in the South Seas. There are first and - to the date - only neutral race in the game, meaning that pandaren players can join both the Horde and the Alliance.

Background Edit

The pandaren are originally from central Kalimdor where they established the Pandaren Empire. They were allies of the night elves until they saw their obsession with magic getting out of control. The clans severed ties and left Kalimdor behind eventually establishing a new home on an island they named Pandaria. After the Sundering, some pandaren returned to the "new" Kalimdor to explore it. "Where once the pandaren were a mighty empire, standing proud beside their night elf allies, now they are a simple people who want only peace and a safe home." Since the Third War, more pandaren have come to visit Kalimdor.

Hailing from their own secret empire, the pandaren are a race of humanoids resembling panda bears. This appearance leads some to underestimate these noble creatures, thinking them harmless and "cute". They may be cute, but they are not harmless. Pandaren have a long tradition of mystic warfare and are exceedingly strong and agile. The traditional pandaren fighting style focuses upon mobility, speed and precision, as well as stunning acrobatic tricks. Many pandaren are skilled at fighting bare-handed.

Only the pandaren know the intricacies of their society, but alcohol is a central feature. All pandaren are connoisseurs of ale and stronger drink, leading to a unique kinship with Ironforge dwarves. A caste of wandering pandaren warriors called Brewmasters is highly respected in their culture. A few Brewmasters have been spotted in Kalimdor, searching for new beverages to sample and ingredients to add to their own brews. Pandaren are affable and noble, trained in battle but always seeking peace. Pandaren philosophy centers on a harmony of opposites — male and female, calm and chaos, existence and non-existence. Pandaren feel a strong link to the natural world and seek to maintain a peace between all races and nature.[1] Very few pandaren ever leave their hidden island homeland of Pandaria, although there is a place called Pandaren Settlement within the Stonetalon Mountains, but those that do have proved themselves to be strong warriors specializing in Drunken Brawling with great command of the elements.

Recently, a vast group of pandaren splitted from the rest of their Empire. These pandaren led by shodo-pan named Shun Earthcaller found mysterious metropolis unlike anything they knew. The dubbed it The Forgotten City and settled in its walls. They also founded few small villages around it, such as Village Hidden in the Bamboo. After this, Shun decided to make his people significant power in the world of Azeroth, but to do these, he needed money. Soon, pandaren of the Forgotten City joined the conflict beetwen two forces as mercenaries, fighting both with Horde and Alliance - but never against their own kin...At least most of them.

Being NeutralEdit

Pandaren of The Forgotten City are to date the only neutral playable faction. This means that when you're creating a pandaren character you must choose your side - Alliance or Horde. This cannot be changed later in game. Also, pandaren's starting locations and their capital city are consider sanctuary area. Only pandaren players can access The Forgotten City from which they can take a boat to Stormwind or Ratchet. None non-pandaren can take boat from these cities to The Forgotten City.

Appearance Edit

Pandaren resemble a cross between panda bears and humans; they are not dissimilar in appearance to furbolgs, though they are less feral. Pandaren average 5 1/2 feet in height, and make assured and precise movements. They have ursine faces and their black and white coloration is unique for every single pandaren. Pandaren also smile often.

Character Edit


Training of Pandaren Warrior

The pandaren start in the Village Hidden in the Bamboo, an area located in northern Pandaria.

Starting attributes Edit

Base Hunter Shaman Warrior Brewmaster
Strength 23 24 24 26 99
Agility 17 20 17 17 79
Stamina 22 23 23 24 100
Intellect 17 17 18 17 27
Spirit 23 23 25 23 49

Racial traits Edit

Bring it On! - instant - 1 min cooldown
Taunts all targets in 15 yards to attack Pandaren. Also works on players, changing every single command they try to make into "Attack Pandaren" command. Lasts 5 seconds.
Elemental Protection - passive
Reduces the chance to be hit by Frost, Fire and Nature spells 2%.
Steel Stomach - passive
Reduces damage taken from poisons by 1% and decreases their duration by 10%.
Animal Thing - passive
Increases health of pandaren and his/her pet by 5%. Also allows Hunters to Tame Beast in 15 seconds.

Reasons for racial traitsEdit

Pandaren may appear as cute and harmless, but preety angry member of this race can drop a couple of heave insults, insults so hard than even the most stoic ones cannot help but to attack the taunting one. Also, not only the shamans and brewmasters, but every single pandaren is protected by elemental entities that can protect any pandaren from danger caused by their own powers. Due to strong relationship beetwen pandaren and alcohol, some tests had to be made. Pandaren experimented with many brews, mostly on themselves, which made them extremely poison resistant. And finally, due to their extremely good relationship with animal world, pandaren hunter can tame any beast faster than any other member of this class. Also, his companions is tougher than others.

Classes Edit



  • Hunter - Pandaren are born hunters since they dwell in bamboo forests. Also, as "beastmen" they have good conection with animals of the wild, especially with bears who also serve as their mounts - not only panda bears, all kind of bears.
  • Shaman - Pandaren have connected with Elemental Spirits long before The Sundering. Their society is lead mostly by those mystical elementalists. Shun Earthcaller, master of the Forgotten City, was a shaman before he became shodo-pan.
  • Warrior - although pandaren are peaceful beings, a caste of tremendous warriors called wardancers exist in their society. With their masterfully crafted weapons and amazing martial arts, wardancers can stand toe to toe with berserkers of Horde or Alliance's champions.
  • Brewmaster - The most famous of all Pandaren are the brewmasters. They're both shamans, warriors and drunkards who can bound elemnts to their will, defeat opponent with ease using one of their martial arts or just put a smile on friend's face with strong ale. The most famous of all Brewmasters and probably all pandaren is Chen Stormstout.

Racial MountsEdit

Pandaren ride various big bears to battle. Those than know the basics of riding can mount three rare mounts - Black Battle Bear, Grizzly Battle Bear and Giant Panda. Those that can ride well enough may ride three epic mounts - Swift Grey Bear, Swift Battle Panda and Swift Brown Bear. PvP mount of this race is War Panda. For enough money or Champion's Seals, players can buy two mounts - Panda of The Forgotten City and Swift White Bear. Rare mounts don't have armor, while epic ones bear orient-styled steel armors. War Panda also carries a pair of wardancer's swords an big shield.


Pandaren's starting place name is an obvious play of Naruto's Hidden Villages.

This is all just a daydreaming of mine.

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