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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

This is a patch idea introducing two new Caverns of Time instances, one of them takes you to the distant past and the other to the distant future.

Well of Eternity (5-man dungeon)Edit

Malfurion and the HighborneEdit

Here, you must play a role in the final assault against the Well of Eternity. A small resistance force of night elves, treants and dragons, led by Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind, attacks Azshara's palace, in a final attempt to destroy the Well of Eternity and end the Legion's invasion once and for all. The Infinite Dragonflight wishes to stop it, and sends a powerful force to aid the palace defenders. You must help Malfurion through the palace, and fight the elite Highborne forces and Infinite Assassins.

Broxigar and the Burning LegionEdit

Suddendly, an orc (Broxigar) leaps from the back of a dragon through the already formed portal. The arcane instability makes the floor collapse and you fall with Broxigar to a volcanic wasteland (presumely the Legion's capital planet). Together, you must defend the portal from any demon that attempts to get through. As the portal closes (after Broxigar wounds Sargeras's leg when he arrives), you and Broxigar get stuck in that world (don't worry, an instance that leads you back to the present - but not back to the wasteland - exists in case you need to leave). Sargeras, VERY unhappy by the fact that his plans were sent down the drain, try to chase you but the wound in his leg makes him crawl so slowly that you can easily run and fight through to a safe hideout. There, Broxigar starts the final event of the dungeon.

Much like Thrall in Escape from Durnholde Keep, Broxigar leads you back to the portal, hoping he could find a way back home. Fortunally, Sargeras was still trying to open the portal. In fact, there was still a minor rift in where was once the big portal. Knowing that Sargeras would kill you all in a jiffy, Broxigar sacrificed himself you that you could escape. While you battle eredar channelers, you have the honor of seeing Sargeras versus Broxigar. But if you don't cross the portal quickly, Sargeras kills you instantly after he dispacthes Broxigar. The moment you step across the portal, a time rift appers in Azeroth and you return to the present.

The Infinite Stronghold (25 or 40-man raid)Edit

Thousands of years in the future, Blackrock Mountain stands in your front. There, Deathwing supervises the attacks of his new army, the Infinite Dragonflight, created from the blood of all the dragonflights. You, along side Bronze Dragonflight agents, must confront Deathwing and his elite legion and end his vile schemes once and for all. The mountain inside was completly reshaped, and ground and flying mounts can be used inside, as to navigate through the dungeon you must fly and dash through tunnels and rift (bobby-trapped of course). Of course the final boss is Deathwing, but he is very different. To acheive ultimate power, he absorved the essences from the other Dragon Aspects, so the battle will be very difficult, as each dragon aspect granted him different "stances":

  • "Blue" form: full immunity to Arcane, high resistance to Frost and powerful Arcane, Frost and anti-mage spells.
  • "Red" form: high immunity to Fire, small regeneration and Fire and Nature spells.
  • "Green" form: full immunity to Nature, Poison, small regeneration, sleep and other powerful Nature spells.
  • "Bronze" form: high resistance to Arcane, increase in attack speed and casts Slows.
  • "Black" form: full immunity to Fire, powerful fire attacks.
  • "Nether" form: full immunty to Arcane and Physical Damage mitigation (he goes ethereal).
  • "Final" form: all of the above (he will only cast this at 5% though, consider it as an Enrage). Either nuke him with Shadow and Holy which are the only schools he is vulnerable or slowly tank him to death with a increadibly weak DPS.

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