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The Tempest Crusade (it could also be called Judgement Day or Rise of Heroes) Edit

  • Synopsis: Thanks to the help of bold heroes, the Naaru have retaken Tempest Keep, and the Burning Legion has been defeated once again, driven from both Azeroth and Outland. The time has come to defeat the demonic army before it can cause more damage to the universe. It's time for... the Tempest Crusade! Equipping an army of voluntered heroes, citizens and soldiers alike with state-of-the-art technology (combining Draenei crystal technology with blacksmithing and enginnering), a massive, nearly invincible host arrived: the Tempest Legion. Combining 10000 soldiers with powerful armor, weapons, and siege weaponry, lead by powerful heroes, the Tempest Legion set out to other worlds, saving those attacked by the Burning Legion and retaking those already conquered, in an attempt to locate the Legion's Capital: The Legion Stronghold. Despite superior firepower and defenses, the Tempest Legion is vastly outnumbered (1000000 to 1) and Kil'jaeden the Deceiver has been preparing a new invasion plan: in which the first step is the resurrection of Sargeras the Dark Titan. If Sargeras returns and takes command of the Burning Legion, the universe may be destroyed forever.
  • Related Areas: Outer Space - worlds conquered or under attack by the Burning Legion (Argus, K'aresh and many others) and even new worlds to colonize; Tempest Keep as Neutral Capital in Outer Space
  • Related Opposing Forces: Burning Legion
  • Related Intelligent/Playable Forces: Ethereals, Red Dragonflight, perhaps new alien races in a new world
  • Possible new Hero Classes: one for each race and Demon Hunter and/or Demon Knight for all races
  • Possible new Professions: Runesmith.
  • Possible new stuff: Level Cap raised to 100, profession skill bar raised to 600, and new mount (Tempest Crystal Dragon or Light-Blessed Drake with 500% flying speed and 300% ground speed)

Light VS DarknessEdit

Legion Stronghold could be a 40-man raid dungeon, where you face the Legion's champions, including Sargeras in his full power as the final boss! The battle would be obviosly the most important and tough challenge you would ever face!


Sargeras abilities could be something like this:

Sargeras hits for 25k on Plate Armor and has 50,000,000 Health and 1,000,000,000,000,000 Mana.

  • Countdown to Doom: curses a random raid member that causes 100000 Shadow Damage for 30 seconds. Can be dispelled and resisted. Sargeras casts this ability every 45 seconds so dispellers should be on lookout for cursed members.
  • Consume All: AoE drain from all raid members inside the appering black sphere, draining 2500 Health every second for 30 seconds. All players inside the AoE get their movement, attack and casting speed reduce in 90%.
  • Shatter Hope: causes a massive AoE Fear to the entire raid that lasts 5 seconds. Damage does not break effect. Can be resisted.
  • Immolate: Passive Ability. Causes 500 Fire Damage to everyone on melee range every second. Damage can be resisted.
  • Shadowvolley: every 120 seconds Sargeras sends 5 volleys of Shadowbolts to 5 random raid members. Each Shadowbolt causes 5000 Shadow damage. Can be resisted.
  • Consuming Shadows: each time Sargeras loses 10% Health he casts this spell. Summons 3 small Voids that cause 20000 Shadow Damage every second to players inside the void. Voids move around the zone so be careful. The voids subside after 30 seconds.
  • Burn!: Summons small 3 Tornadoes that cause 20000 Fire Damage every second to players inside them. Tornadoes move around the area so be alert. Burn! is used at the same time as Consuming Shadows. Tornadoes subside after 30 seconds.
  • Slam: Causes Weapon Damage to all melee range players in front of Sargeras. It has knockback effect and resets agroo.´
  • Debris Throw: using psychic force, Sargeras levitates pieces of Legion Stronghold and throws them around. Players can dodge them if they are not in their way. Each debris cause 15k-17k Physical Damage. Debris last for 30 seconds or until they hit someone. Sargeras casts this spell every 60 seconds.
  • Enrage: at 10% Sargeras enrages, increasing all damage caused by 50% for the rest of the match.´
  • Armageddon: similar to the raid boss enrage effect; after 10 minutes Sargeras starts casting this spell. He stops attacking and gets surronded by a massive firestorm, causing 5000 Fire Damage every second to players near him. When he completes casting (after 30 seconds), giant meteors will crush you all (instant wipe) and destroy Azeroth.
  • Heal: when Sargeras drops to 2%, he casts Heal. This will heal him all the way up to 100% and casting time is for 10 seconds. In this stage, THROW EVERYTHING YOU GOT LEFT as if he heals the enrage timer will certaintly go off after Heal and kills you all.
  • Titan Resilience: passive ability, Sargeras is immune to all debuffs. This includes DoT's, Fears, Stuns, Dispels, Snares and Interrupts but does not include taunts nor channeling abilities like Drain Life.
  • Lord of the Legion: passive ability, Sargeras is immune to all Shadow and Fire damage (and has 300 resistance to Arcane, 150 to Nature and 100 to Frost).
  • Nether Gravity: passive ability, you and Sargeras float on the Nether above Azeroth. Moving is only possible by "swimming" on the Nether. But swimming speed would be equivalent to normal movement speed. A barrier appears, preventing you from escaping.


Working on it.


  • When raid enters room before Nether Gravity: So you came all the way here just to fight me! You must have a death wish or something.
  • When Nether Gravity is casted: I think this will be an interesting fight... How about we put it even interester? AHAHAHAH!
  • Aggramar appears: Aggramar? YOU? HERE?! But why? Do you actually think you have a chance against me?! FOOL! Do not worry mortals. I'll take care of you once I take care of this fool. (fight starts)
  • Aggramar dies: Idiot... Now to kill the patetic mortals.
  • When casting Countdown to Doom: It's just a matter of time before you die.
  • When casting Burn! and Consuminng Shadows: Burn and Rot!
  • When casting Debris Throw: May the walls of the Stronghold itself crush you!
  • On 50% Health: But why? Why do you resist that much? Don't you understand that the universe is ill-conceived? Chaos is the only absolute power! The vision of the Titans is wrong! I, Sargeras, just want to correct those mistakes! Open your eyes, Azeroth! If the perfect society is to be forged, the unperfect one must be eliminated! This includes you!
  • When Enrage is casted: That's it! I had enough of your foolishnees! Die!
  • When cast Apocalypse: Azeroth!! The end has come for you!!
  • When casting Heal: You won the first round, but I'll win the second on!

Winning-the-Game rewardEdit

One interesting possibility is that the Titan Champion, Aggramar, would join the battle in the beginning. It could be something like this: Aggramar keeps agroo on Sargeras like a tank does, however, Aggramar is killed as the is too strong to be healed, and Sargeras then proceds to the raid itself.

The battle could take place in the Nether, with Sargeras and you floating around with no gravity! And we Sargeras was killed the effect would burn off. A free-fall event would take place. You were falling towards Azeroth (the flying fel fortress was above Azeroth) and you need to fly throggh debris and falling demons to a stable falling platform to soften the fall damage. It could have something like a super-jump platform that you use in the last minute to prevent your death. Sargeras dead corpse would land after the last raid member landed. Then you could loot it. Landing site could be Blasted Lands or Tomb of Sargeras (see my Tomb of Sargeras idea).

One of the items could be his weapon, Gorribal. After you took up Taeshalach's shards from Aggramar (whose corpse also lands there) you could start a quest where you have to deliver to a blackmsith a lot of mats to reforge the legendary weapons (that splited during the battle). The result was picking between a list of weapons, each one the most powerful weapon of it's kind. The list varries accordingly to the player's class. There would be two options: a two-handed weapon called Gorshalach or choosing one of a list of Main-Hand weapons called Gorribal and one of a list of Off-Hand Weapons (or Shields) called Taeshalach. Both weapons are part of a Armor Set called Gorshalach. The 2H Gorshalach and the Gorshalach Set both give exactly the same bonuses to each class.

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