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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Again, In DreamsEdit

“You are the one called Dreamchaser?” It was a soft voice, a gentle voice, and yet there was a firmness to it that could not be ignored. It sounded motherly.

Cedia knew she was dreaming, but it was one of those lucent dreams that you could sometimes control. Well, at least she could control her own thoughts. “Um… that’s a nickname, but yes… ma’am?”

“You lack purpose in your life.” The voice sounded a bit grumpy.

“Um… but I’m looking for my father. I know he’s not dead! I just know it!”

“I have need of you, as I have need of your father.” The scene in Cedia’s mind’s eye shifted then, to a glade where she had been about a month previous. It was a glade filled with green haze, dreamlike, a verdant garden amidst a sea of ice. And the speaker became obvious then, as a huge green dragon came into view, her eyes closed as always.

“Lady Ysera!” If the young night elf could have bowed low in her dream, she would have. She didn’t really feel like she had a body at the moment, though. “I’ll do anything you ask, you know that already!”

The dragon made a sound that could only be described as an indignant snort-groan. “My skytalons are in disarray. Unfortunately I gave Alystros the order to attack intruders, and he took it too literally. I need you to find a skytalon hatchling in the Green Dragonshrine and keep it safe with you. A female, preferably. Train her, show her that there is both good and bad in Azeroth. And that Azeroth is worth protecting. And when her young are old enough to return to the glade, in this way the guardians of my shrine will be restored.”

“But but… I’m a Druid. I don’t know anything about training animals. I just know how to assume their shapes.”

Ysera began to chuckle softly before fading away into the mist. “Then perhaps you’d better learn, if you are to prove your loyalty to me. Honestly, my dear, you are a terrible Druid. Oh yes… you might want to learn some skill with the bow as well.”

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