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Who Am I Edit

A 19 year old student studying Computer Network Management and Design who enjoys playing World of Warcraft a little too much since my friends persuaded me to try it.

Servers and Characters Edit

Anachronos, EU (PvE) Edit

Charactres Edit
Guild Edit
Carpe Jugulum Edit

I am a founding officer of Carpe Jugulum - a non-hardcore raiding guild aimed at all types of players backgrounds. This guild has long disbanded.

Existence Edit

Founding officer of the original Guild Existence.

WoWWiki Involvement Edit

I casually make improvements to the WoWWiki, and make notable corrections, where I see it will benefit those who read it. Currently, I have added some fishing elements to existing pages, and started some minor discussions, but maybe one day I will do something major.

Other Games I Play Edit

I enjoy playing Battlefield 2, Half Life 2 and other FPS games.

Games I used to enjoy are Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake III Arena, Counter-Strike: Souce, Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots, Command and Conquer: Decade and others.

Other Edit

Wow! Did I actually just write all that? Wiki's pwn!

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