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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Zanderhell Dilias, The False Lich

Neutral 32Zanderhell Dilias, The False Lich
Humanmale nopic
Gender Male
Race [[race::human / demon]]
Character class Warlock, Necromancer
Affiliation Himself, (formerly the Burning Legion and the Scourge)
Position Living in Moonglade
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Van Dilias (brother, alive), Garnad Dilias (father, dead) Alaveena Dilias (Mother, dead) Allyon (Wife & former teacher, alive)

History Edit

childhood Edit

As a child Zanderhell was just Zander. Zander grew up in Stormwind. His father Garnad Dilias was one of the top sorcerers of Stormwind, while his mother Alaveena Dilias was an archer for the Stormwind army, which meant she had to take many trips away from her family in Stormwind. Zander had a brother Van Dilias which wasn't his real brother because on one of his motehrs trip she found a baby night elf in a basket going down a river and Alaveena took the baby and raised him as his own. So for Van there were no night elves in stormwind except Druid trainers and passing Night Elf travelrs. So really Zander was Van's only friend. One day while Zander's mother was away on a trip, there father was going to show the elders his new powers and how he as easily he has advanced in the spell art of teleports. So when he went to the elders he made a portal but the portal was unstable and backfired thus sending out a shockwave that killed three elders and almost killed Garnad.

The King of Stormwind decided by such actions he would be executed. Now for Van and Zander they had to live in the orphanage until there mother came home. So when she did she went into a depression after knowing her husband was killed by the same city she has been fighting for. She quit the military and started to be a weapon master. As Zander and Van grew up each picked there paths. Zander was inspired by his father and took as much magic teaching as he could get. On the other hand Van wanted more of his native magic and he consulted with the druid trainers.

Path to the scourge Edit

As they grew up Zander got deeper into the dark arts of Warlock magic as Van as a druid stayed on the art of restoration. As they grew up each got deeper into tehre magic arts. Once an adult Zander thought he was ready to show the elders what he could do though Van tried depretly to stop him that he wanst ready but Zander didn't listen. When he went to the elders he showed that he could singely handed summona Doom Gaurd and control it though once he summoned it the doom gaurd went mad an killed all of the elders and ten Stormwind guards before it was killed. Zander was going to be executed, but with his magic he was able to escape. He ran to redridge mountains and eventully went to Burning Steppes where he practiced his magic until one day he meta traveling Banshee which he imedeatly treied to killed but once she told him of great power she could teach him. So Zander's thirst for power made him agree for her to teach him. She brought him to the Northrend where she told him that if he would join the scourge that he would have power beyond his own imagination so with that in mind he joined where he did not only learn the warlock ways but he also the dark twisted ways of a necromancer. He was tossed around in the scourge doing this and that and then yelled at. It frove him mad and angry but he couldn't attack his leaders. He went to his teacher Allyon and told her of his feelings and his anger agaisnt the lich and his wanting to just take over and he was confused. Allyon didnt like teh idea of him in charge since he wasnt a true lich he was a flase lich though she did like teh idea of being second in command so she told him to go for it to fight the Lich and she would help him. So they went to Frozen throne where they Zander and Allyon attacked The lich king but they couldn't over come his might and where easily defeated so they ran away from teh frazen throne. Zander wouldn't give up until he defeated the scourge. So he started his own army of the undead. Though The New Lich King declared Zander a false lich and he wasnt true to the title of Lich so he was knowed as the False Lich.

The New Lich Army Edit

After Allyon and Zander's Defeat they ran to the western part of Notherend. They started the few warlocks and necromancers that there was who didnt work for the Lich. So as there army grew in numbers yet they where still small too small to attack teh frozen throne. THe scourge did offer Allyon a deal that if she was to betray Zander she would have great ranks among teh scourge. So Allyon led the scourge forces to Zander's base of operaions. Zanderhell fled as he was overrun with the scourge though he did have a couple of words to Allyon.

"Allyon you took me under your wing. You gave me great power. You fought by my side. So now you have taken your blood stained dagger and stabed me in the back. I will not kill you but i hope that giving up your only friend was worth it Allyon. Good bye."

So Zander left Allyon there. When the Lich king found that Zander wasnt killed in the fight he ordered Allyon to be killed. Allyon fled and went back to Zander bagging him to take her back and these where his last words to her.

"You chose your fate. You chose this Allyon. You gave up your life, your only friend, and your freedom for your own death allyon. I had great power and great possibilities and you tunred me into a hall spawn. Im Zanderhell. Next time we meet we will not be friends, we will be enemies."

So this ended the short reign of the New Lich Army (a.k.a. False Lich Army)

Return to StormwindEdit

Well after Zanderhell's army was gone he went into a depression and in great need for family he decided to go back to Stormwind to see his mother and brother. Once he arrived in Stormewind he was knocked out and put in jail byt a spell was catsed on him so he couldnt use his magic. He layed there for ahile until his brother Van came to him seeing Van as a mster of Drudis in restortaion and Zanderhell a criminal and a false lich. Though Zanderhell didnt expect... <This will be continued sorry for the inconvience. Please keep watching for updates> --Mushroom Head 06:33, 31 July 2007 (UTC)

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