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Title Description Points
Care of the ChildComplete both the Stormwind and Shattrath City Children's week quests.(Alliance)25
Orgrimmar Orphanage<ph>Completed the Orgrimmar Children's Week quests.(Horde)10
Two Eyes 'Round The WorldComplete the Stormwind City Children's Week quests.(Alliance)10
Care of the New World OrderCompleted the Shattrath City Children's Week quests.20
Slumbering SleepObtained the Sleepy Willy pet.5
Elekk Training CollarObtained Peanut, the baby elekk pet.5
Payoff over PetsChose Payoff over a pet in Orgrimmar or Stormwind City quests.5
10 EggsOpen 10 Eggs in the Noblegarden World Event.5
50 EggsOpen 50 Eggs in the Noblegarden World Event.5
100 EggsOpen 100 Eggs in the Noblegarden World Event.10
Egg HunterOpen 125 Eggs in the Noblegarden World Event.25
Egg MasterOpen 150 Eggs in the Noblegarden World Event.25
Candy CollectorObtain 20 Candy Bars, 20 Chocolate Squares, and 20 Lollipops.25
BeerfestDrink 30 Beers during Brewfest.10
Brewfest TraditionDrink 15 Beers, and obtain 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens.10
Five MasksObtain 5 of the 20 Unique Flimsy Masks.5
Ten MasksObtain 10 of the 20 Unique Flimsy Masks.10
Fifteen MasksObtain 15 of the 20 Unique Flimsy Masks20
Throwing SnowThrow 100 snowballs.10
Snow FightThrow 250 snowballs.10
Player SnowfightThrow 250 snowballs on other players.10
Christmas PresentsGather all of Greatfather's Presents.5
Enter the Twisting NetherGather a Darkmoon Portals Deck.10
The MalestormGather a Darkmoon Elementals Deck.10
Having HeroismGather a Darkmoon Warlords Deck.10
Azure Dragon BeastsGather a Darkmoon Beasts Deck.10
Wrath of StormsGather a Darkmoon Storms Deck.10
The Darkmoon CrusadeGather a Darkmoon Blessings Deck.10
Vengence with the LightGather a Darkmoon Furies Deck.10
Madness of AzerothGather a Darkmoon Lunacy Deck.10
1 TicketAccumulate 1 Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket.5
10 TicketsAccumulate 10 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets.10
100 TicketsAccumulate 100 Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets.10
Darkmoon FlowerObtain a Darkmoon Faire Flower.5
Minor Darkmoon PrizeObtain a Minor Darkmoon Prize.5
Lesser Darkmoon PrizeObtain a Lesser Darkmoon Prize.5
Monthly MeatObtain Last Month's Mutton.5
Yearly MeatObtain Last Year's Mutton.10
Greater Darkmoon PrizeObtain a Greater Darkmoon Prize.20
Darkmoon Box of GoodsObtain a Darkmoon Storage Box.20
True LuckObtain a Fortune with a Mysterious Treasure.10
Rayne Tells AllHave your fortune told.5
The Fel TreatsObtain 5 pieces of Chewy Fel Taffy.5
Gnomish TreatsObtain 5 G.N.E.R.D.S.5
Ring of FireObtain 5 Cinammon Pyroblast Balls.5
Cool MintsObtain 5 Spearmint Candy.5
Teeth CleanserObtain 5 Toothpicks.5


  • 39 ALL-NEW Achievements that are not on the Achievements list!
  • None of the following achievements are Blizzard-added. (Someone please look over these!)

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