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Achievement Patch Version 1.3.0 Edit

  • Last Updated: August 24th, 2008
  • Version: 1.3.4
  • Build: 1573
  • Name: "A Crazy Grab Bag"
  • Next Build: 1627 (Version 1.4.0)

Core Upgrades in 1.3.0Edit

  • Icons can now be seen in the achievement database.
  • Icons currently live in the General Category.
  • Icons currently live in the Quest Category.
  • Icons currently live in the Reputation Category. (Build 1219)
  • Icons live in Player vs Player Category! (Build 1353)
  • More Icons live in the Professions category. (Build 1414)
  • A live database will update with an individual achievement page for each because that will look a lot like the WoWHead Database.
  • Example: User:Frostworn1822/Achievement01
  • Feats of Strength sample achievements now open! (Build 1520)
  • Categories now visible in the General Category. (Build 1573)


  • Icons are LIVE in this build! (see above message) (Build 1000)
  • 1 New Achievement added. (Thrown Specialization) (Build 1573)
  • Categories are now visible in the General category. (Build 1573)
  • In Version 1.4.0, more of the live database will be added.


  • All descriptions modified if it has the (Alliance) or (Horde) ending. (Build 1153)
  • To replace the removed content, insignia logos have been added next to the name. (Build 1153)
  • Placeholder Change: "The Barrens" renamed to "A Barren Wasteland" (Build 1153)
  • 5 New Achievements added. (Build 1573)


  • Reputation icons and insignias added to achievements for easier browsing. (Build 1219)
  • Placeholder Change: "The Stormwind Humans" renamed to "Exalted With The Humans". (Build 1219)
  • Placeholder Change: "The Ironforge Dwarves" renamed to "Brewing Up With The Dwarves". (Build 1219)
  • Placeholder Change: "The Gnome Exiles" renamed to "Gnomish Exaltation". (Build 1219)
  • Placeholder Change: "The Night Elf of Teldrassil" renamed to "Night Elves - Exalted". (Build 1219)
  • Placeholder Change: "Darkspear Trolls" renamed to "Exalted With Us, Mon!". (Build 1219)
  • Placeholder Change: "Orgrimmar Orcs" renamed to "Thrall's Club". (Build 1219)

Dungeons and RaidsEdit

  • No additions or placeholder changes yet.

Player vs PlayerEdit

  • 22 new additions. (Builds 1000, 1219, 1353)

World EventsEdit

  • No additions or placeholder changes yet.



  • 4 New Achievements added. (Build 1219)
  • Icons have been added! (Build 1219)


  • 47 New Achievements added. (Build 1414)
  • Icons have been added! (Build 1414)


  • No additions or placeholder changes yet.

Feats of StrengthEdit

  • 6 New Achievements added. (Build 1520)
  • Icons have been added. (Build 1520)
  • Loot links added in Achievement description. (Build 1573)

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