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Version 1.2.0 Patch NotesEdit

Last Updated: August 12th, 2008



  • 8 New Achievements added
  • 63 New Achievements added (Version 1.2.3)
  • Category Update for this category underway
  • New category: Mining
  • New category: Skinning
  • New category: Herbalism (Incomplete)

Placeholder FixesEdit

  • Runecloth Stock Up renamed to Runecloth Stocks
  • Heavy Runecloth Stock Up<ph> renamed to Heavy Runecloth Stocks
  • Netherweave Stock Up<ph> renamed to Netherweave Stocks
  • Heavy Netherweave Stock Up renamed to Heavy Netherweave Stocks
  • Frostweave Stock Up<ph> renamed to Frostweave Stocks
  • Heavy Frostweave Stock Up<ph> renamed to Heavy Frostweave Stocks
  • Dense Frostweave Stock Up<ph> renamed to Dense Frostweave Stocks
  • Siltherskin Mackarel<ph> renamed to The Ocean Is The Catch
  • Boston Tea Party placeholder removed. Names okay
  • Recipe Cooking<ph> renamed to Making A Cookbook
  • Recipe Cookbook<ph> renamed to The Art of Cooking
  • Spotted Yellowfish Feast<ph> renamed to Yellowfish Is The Tuna
  • Roasted Clefthoof Steak<ph> renamed to A Side Order With A1



  • 33 New Achievements added

Placeholder FixesEdit

  • No placeholder fixes in this update

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