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Frostmage's Achievement CollectionEdit

  • Welcome to Frostmage's Achievement Collection
  • NEW Achievements:
Type of AchievementNumberDescriptionVersionTotal Points
General100General Achievements1.5.0.1150???
Quests52Questing Achievements1.5.0.1150???
Reputation36Reputation Achievements1.5.0.1253???
Dungeons and Raids58Dungeon/Raid Achievements1.5.0.1150???
Player vs Player52Player vs Player Achievements1.5.0.1150???
World Events39World Events Achievements1.5.0.1150???
Professions181Profession Achievements1.5.0.1150???
Farming81Farming Achievements1.5.0.1150???
Expert14Expert Difficulty Achievements1.5.0.1150???
Master0Master Difficulty AchievementsNot Yet Released0

  • Achievement Point Vendors
Vendor NameItems SoldVersionTotal Cost
Morabi Firespear<ph>Weapons and SpecialsNot Yet Released0
Triana Cloud<ph>AccessoriesNot Yet Released0
Indigo Umbargo<ph>"Item Begins a Quest"Not Yet Released0
Kathy Dimgere<ph>CollectorNot Yet Released0
Elune Hagspear<ph>Special ItemsNot Yet Released0


  • Professions will contain new secondary achievements + primary (account-wide?)
  • General will have all new ideas
  • Quests will cover all missing aspects
  • Reputation will cover all missing aspects
  • Dungeons & Raids will add more bosses to slay
  • Player vs Player will add more PvP Fun
  • World Events will add even more fun to the World Events
  • Farming will convert "some" General achievements into General slaying achievements. (NEW)
  • Feats of Strength, brand new concepts possibly coming in Patch 1.3.2.
  • Expert Achievements, brand new achievements for Expert Players. (Version 1.7.0)
  • Master Achievements, brand new achievements for World of Warcraft Masters. (Version 1.7.1)
  • A total of 600+ "Brand-New" Achievements implemented.
  • NOTE: None of these are real achievements. All are Fan-Fiction (see Forums)
  • ~600 Achievements I made. Should Blizzard either A. Add them or B. Develop an addon that allows me to create these in a separate mod, then this will be fun.
  • Total Blizzard Achievements - 934
  • You can't find all these ideas anywhere else but WoWWiki!

Achievement CountEdit

Version Name of Version Total Achievements
1.0.0"Feat of Accomplishment"272
1.1.0"The Profession Bump"326
1.1.1"Placeholder Removal I"326
1.2.0"Shadow of the Lich"359
1.2.1"Placeholder Removal II"366
1.2.2"Core Upgrade I"366
1.2.3"Core Materialist"429
1.3.0"Strike of Honor"455
1.3.1"Placeholder Removal III"455
1.3.2"Core Upgrade II"502
1.3.3"Feats of Strength"508
1.3.4"A Crazy Grab Bag"514
1.4.0"Dungeon Clearance"567
1.4.1"Some Assembly Required"610
1.5.0"Allies of Northrend"~1500
1.5.1"Placeholder Removal IV"~1515
1.5.2"Crazy Jewels"~1600
1.6.0"A New Hope"~2100
1.6.1"Placeholder Removal V"~2120
1.6.2"Leather Crazy"~2250
1.6.3"Inscripter's Paradise"~2500
1.6.4"Achievements for Blizzard"~3100
1.7.0"True Experts"~3300
1.7.1"Masters of Warcraft"~3700
Final"Wrath Achievements"~4000
  • As new versions arrive, this table will update.

Update Log (General)Edit

Version Title Featured Date Finished
1.0.0"Feat of Accomplishment"272 AchievementsAugust 1st, 2008
1.1.0"The Profession Bump"New Profession AchievementsAugust 8th, 2008
1.1.1"Placeholder Removal I"Placeholder FixesAugust 8th, 2008
1.2.0"Shadow of the Lich"New Farming AchievementsAugust 9th, 2008
1.2.1"Placeholder Removal II"Placeholder FixesAugust 12th, 2008
1.2.2"Core Upgrade I"Achievement Core UpgradesAugust 12th, 2008
1.2.3"Core Materialist"New Skinning, Mining, Herbalism AchievementsAugust 12th, 2008
1.3.0"Strike of Honor"New Player vs Player AchievementsAugust 14th, 2008
1.3.1"Placeholder Removal III"Placeholder FixesAugust 15th, 2008
1.3.2"Core Upgrade II"Achievement Core Upgrades Part 2August 17th, 2008
1.3.3"Feats of Strength"New Feats of Strength AchievementsAugust 21st, 2008
1.3.4"A Crazy Grab Bag"New AchievementsAugust 24th, 2008
1.4.0"Dungeon Clearance"New Dungeons and Raids AchievementsSeptember 10th, 2008
1.4.1"Some Assembly Required"New Engineering AchievementsMerged with 1.5.0
1.4.2"Blacksmithing For Dummies"New Blacksmithing AchievementsMerged with 1.5.0
1.4.3"Mad Alchemists"New Alchemy AchievementsMerged with 1.5.0
1.4.4"True Tailoring"New Tailoring AchievementsMerged with 1.5.0
1.4.5"Core Upgrade III"Achievement Core Upgrades Part 3Merged with 1.5.0
1.5.0"Allies of Northrend"Major Achievement AdditionsMarch/April 2009
1.5.1"Placeholder Removal IV"Placeholder FixesNot Completed
1.5.2"Crazy Jewels"New Jewelcrafting AchievementsNot Completed
1.6.0"A New Hope"Huge Database UpgradeNot Completed
1.6.1"Placeholder Removal V"Placeholder FixesNot Completed
1.6.2"Leather Crazy"New Leatherworking AchievementsNot Completed
1.6.3"Inscripter's Paradise"New Inscription AchievementsNot Completed
1.6.4"Achievements For Blizzard"All New AchievementsNot Completed
1.7.0"True Experts"New Expert AchievementsNot Completed
1.7.1"Masters of Warcraft"New Master AchievementsNot Completed
Final"Wrath of the Lich King"Final Version - All Placeholders FixedNot Completed

Full Patch NotesEdit


  • Patch notes are not like Blizzard patch notes.
  • This database has reached 300 achievements in Version 1.1.0!
  • This database has reached 400 achievements in Version 1.2.3!
  • This database has reached 500 achievements in Version 1.3.2!
  • This database has reached 600 achievements in Version 1.4.0!
  • Version 1.5.0 is the next patch for this Achievements Fan-Made Edition

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