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User Bars
IconLarge Alliance This user plays as a member of the Alliance.
IconLarge Horde
IconLarge Alliance
This user is positive to an Alliance / Horde union!
Aldor Tabard This user's character joined the Aldor.
64 This user has reached level 64.
IconLarge Draenei Female
Ui-charactercreate-classes deathknight
This user plays as a draenei death knight.
Trade mining This user plays as a Miner / Blacksmith. Trade blacksmithing
FemaleIcon This user plays as a female character.
Spell deathknight classicon This user has created a death knight.
TBCLogo-mini This user joined during the Burning Crusade.
Gadgetzan This user plays on the European Steamwheedle Cartel server.
Opera Logo This user uses Opera to browse WoWWiki.
UI-Skull-32x32 It's not that this user hates blood elves, this user is just calling for their extermination. See the difference?
Inv helmet 45 This user plays on an RP server but does not roleplay there.
Pandaren Squared This user would like Pandaren to be a playable race.

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