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Hi, and welcome to my userpage.

I hope you like it.

I made it with love.

My Biography in Point formEdit

1. I am not a blacksmith. So don't ask.

2. My main WOW character is a Blood Elf Hunter named Tyloron, on the server Darrowmere US.

3. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. It's not always snowing here, I don't live in an igloo, and I don't always say "Eh?" at the end of all my sentences.

4. I hate almost all 2000s music. Discuss.

5. My musical tastes are most 70s, 80s and some late 60s.

6. My favourite song is "Experimental Film" by They Might Be Giants. They haven't gone mainstream yet, does that mean I'm a hipster?

7. Yeah, you saw it, I spell "favourite" with a U.

8. Same goes for "colour", "neighbour", "armour" and other words like that.

9. I'm agnostic.

10. I hate bad grammar and spelling.

11. I also hate texting.

12. Whenever I see something that I know can be fixed (i.e., Bad spelling, bad grammar, bad punctuation, and replacing three-letter words with one-letter substitutes), I point it out.

13. I use semicolons.

14. I don't care if someone disagrees with me pointing out their mistakes; I fix them anyway.

15. Whenever I see something I think is wrong (morally wrong) on the Internet, I usually offer constructive criticism.

16. Gay marriage is OK, and the Bible does not say anywhere that it isn't. (Not that I've read through the entire thing.) Give me the passage and book where it says this, and I'll give you a cookie.

17. I'm left-handed. If you say I'm possessed by the Devil because of this, I'll punch you in the face...with my left hand.

18. I like to make extensive lists.

19. I'm a socialist.

20. I think Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Halloween have all been killed by capitalism.

21. If you want me to, I'll write an extensive message to you on the original meanings of these holidays.

22. If you disagree with any of my viewpoints, tell me. I'll reply. If it's flaming, get ready to be hit with a barrage of grammar. If it's constructive criticism, I'll take it into account. But one spelling or capitalization error, even a schoolboy punctuation error (Pay attention, those who ignore the its/it's rule!) and the point won't get across.

Any questions?

Forgingiron (talk) 20:33, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

Other AwesomenessEdit

My Roleplaying

=Lists, both WoW related and not=

Favourite WoW NPCsEdit

5. Jaina Proudmoore Alliance version of Thrall.

4. Orgrim DoomhammerHe's (un)doubtedly the most famous orc in Azeroth/Draenor.

3. Rexxar I like lone wolves. I also like regular wolves.

2. Muradin Bronzebeard Hilarious.

1. Thrall Oh look, another orc. He's like a role model to my RP characters.

Least Favourite WoW NPCsEdit

5. Garrosh Hellscream He's just a huge jerk.

4. Trade Prince Gallywix Another huge jerk, this time more so.

3. Tyrande Whisperwind I hate night elves. Oh, and she stupidly released Illidan.

2. Yogg-Saron Eww.

1. Varian Wrynn Just... no.

For in-depth reasons on why I'm for the Horde, go here.

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