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AllianceNPC 32Fooman
Title <Godslayer>
Gender Female
Race Human
Level 70
Location Jumping Squares in Ironforge


Fooman, now a level 70 human warlock is a hardcore player to the core. Leveled up in the guild Blackened and True Knights. Upon reaching 60, he joined the top raiding guild on the server, Malevolence, where he remained throughout the guild's existence. Fooman then went to Redeemed which was short lived. In June 2007, Fooman started Alorium, a guild to be focussed on raiding. During a vacation in July, the guild slowly fell apart. Fooman is best known for his skill in pressing buttons on a keyboard, active forum posting, keeping the level 60 progression thread on the new forums, and being a member of Team Faglock, the nickname for the group of Malevolence warlocks that never soulstoned, never made healthstones, and chain banished lava packs in Molten Core. He is the last Faglock on the server.

Fooman is cuurently a female orc warlock. In hopes of surpassing his mentor,(Blazedhell the greatest tank ever to tank anything) he rolled Horde just so he could face him in Mortal Kombat.

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  • Armory - Fooman's Armory profile
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