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Drak'Tharon Realm Sandbox..
Template Creation, Page Testing, etc.. ITS A SANDBOX

Also functions as an awesome todo list since my userpage is way to pretty for that.

Main Progression Chart Edit

Note: This chart is updated via progression info from

Naxx Progression Chart Edit

Note: This pertains to Naxxramas progression. Updated via information from

Stuff Edit

Need to move / redo Edit

Progression Templates Edit

Progression Pages Edit

Need to create... and repopulate the data possibly..

Recipes Edit

Since I maintain the recipe thread.. might as well add the data here..

Profession Template.. Edit

Why make my own template when wowwiki already has a kickass one! Just need to figure out how to space the Items by a pixel for easier readability I think..

{{Navbox <!--------------------------------------------> | title = {{item|}} | border = none | group1 = {{Alliance}} | list1 = | group2 = {{Horde}} | list2 = }}

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