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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Stunkard the Stinky Edit

Stunkard the Stinky, a dwarf from a special race called the Stink dwarves, lived in Stunkland, where

his father, whose name was never recorded, was the Stink Lord, or Leader. Stunkard the Stinky lived there for

many years, until his father finally lost in the election for Stink Lord, for he had accidentally destroyed

a successful Stink Mine. After the election, there was a was a war, a war against...the Clean Elves. These

elves were horrid, they actually showered and washed their hands! It was terrible, but the Stink Dwarves

fought back! Unfortunatley, the Stink Dwarves stood no chance against the Clean Elven weaponry of soap and

shampoo. Stunkard was the only survivor of the Stink Dwarves.

The travel to Stormwind Edit

Eventually, Stunkard the Stinky traveled to a rich land called Elwynn Forest, where there was a rich

city called, "Stormwind". Stunkard the Stinky lived there for about ten seconds when he was banished for

being so stinky, farting acid, and killing the very oxygen those humans needed. Stunkard the Stinky

eventually went somewhere and dug a hole, to live there for the rest of his stinky life...

Returning to Stunkland Edit

But then, a thought came to Stunkard the Stinky, he would travel back to Stunkland to see if the elves

had gone, it had taken him countless years to get to Stormwind, for he was quite slow. When he got back to

Stunkland, he had seen that nothing got better, but worse. The ground was covered in grass, and plants, and

the Stink Mines were all closed, with Stink Dwarf skeletons on the ground, but they were polished and

smelled of a summer breeze. Stunkard the Stinky would not put up with this, so he plotted against the Clean

Elves, and vowed to get his revenge on them!

The Restoration of Stunkland Edit

Ten years later, when he had convinced the Cave Dwelling Dwarves to help him fight, he went back to

Stunkland with his army. The Cave Dwelling Dwarves lived far down in caves where there was no oxygen, so it

was no worry if Stunkard the Stinky destroyed the oxygen. These dwarves were especially known for their long

beards. When he set up his army, he marched into the Clean Elven fortress. The battle lasted for about ten

minutes, for the elves were horrified of the sight of the dwarves beards, and afraid of the smell of

Stunkard the Stinky's stench. They fled, most of them died. The corpses were used as spoons and forks, after

properly burned and stinked up. This battle was then known as, "The Restoration of Stunkland".

A new species of dwarves Edit

Stunkard the Stinky was a hero, he eventually got married to a Cave Dwelling Dwarf named Helga the

Heroic, who fought in "The Great Murloc War". They had twenty kids, fifteen boys, and five girls. Today,

there are no pure blooded Stink Dwarves, but there are a new race of dwarves called the Cave Stinkers,

who have the power of Stunkard the Stinky's stink, and the Cave Dwelling Dwarves' beard length. There are

some descendants of Stunkard the Stinky, who rarely use this power for good.

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