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To Understand life is must be played backwards however, we must live it forward

A mind that is stretched by a new exprience can never go back to its old dimensions

After a strom comes a calm

God is a comedian playing in front of an audience thats afraid to laugh

The Horde is better than thee alliance


My Name is Grant im still only in school but i do have a passion for W.O.W. I like alot about W.O.W and that game is fun and challenging when you go online with your friends. For now tho heres a little about me


DA Horde SHALL CRUSH DA WEAK Alliance, I am a horde fan and my favorite race is ORCS they are epic strong and the foundation of the horde without orcs they cant be a horde


I know ALOT about W.O.W since i played "Warcraft 3 Regin of Chaos" and the add on "Frozen Throne". Grom Hellscream is no doubt my favorite character in W.O.W

Main Characters

Gorgut: Protection Warrior Orc

CalmBreeze: Balance Druid Tauren

Dertroz: Demonolgy Troll

Random Stuff

Pizza is my favorite food

Summer over winter

Blue over Red

Soccer over anything

Batman will win

What i Like Most I enjoy World Events the most out of W.O.W i like the crazy quests and the hoilday related themes to such a strange powerful world

I cant wait to add some great idea and to help this wiki :D

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