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Fizzwidget Industries is a Steamwheedle Cartel licensed business specializing in gadgets for adventurers, owned and operated by the goblin Gazmik Fizzwidget.


Current versions of all Fizzwidget products can be found at

  • AdSpace: Helps you save money by not buying marked-up vendor recipes at AH, points out other useful item info.
  • Disenchant Predictor: A quick reference to sources of Enchanting materials.
  • FactionFriend: Switches WoW's builtin reputation watch bar automatically and helps keep track of faction turnin items.
  • Feed-O-Matic: Helps a Hunter keep his pets well fed (and the food in his inventory under control).
  • Gemologist: A quick reference to gems and where they can be mined from.
  • Guildentipper: Adds a player's guild name to the mouseover tooltip.
  • Hunter's Helper: Helps you find tameable beasts to learn pet skills from.
  • Levelator: Shows levels next to quest names when they appear in the UI.
  • Linkerator: Remembers items you encounter and makes it easy to type hyperlinks to them.
  • ReagentCost: Calculates and displays total materials cost for items in the tradeskill window.
  • TrackMenu: Provides a simple menu for activating and switching tracking skills on the minimap.


  • Sell'Jin <Fizzwidget Industries> on Cenarion Circle: A troll apprenticed to Mr. Fizzwidget to learn engineering (and generally failing at such). Frequent spokesperson for Fizzwidget Industries on the Official Blizzard Forums, as goblins aren't allowed to post there.
  • Aerdrig <Avowry> on Cenarius: Dwarf paladin, major shareholder in Fizzwidget Industries and "addon guy" for Avowry.

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