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This article is a player character biography page for Kaiysai A'man D'Lys-ra of Wyrmrest Accord US created by Firesblood. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Neutral 32  Kaiysai A'Man D'lys-ra
RaceDemonic Ruby Dragon Aspect
ClassDeath Knight
Talent SpecUnholy
ProfessionsHerb Gathering and Alchemy
RealmWyrmrest Accord

The Fall From Grace

Hatched more then 13000 years ago from one of Alexstrasza's clutches, the nefarious female had a rather modest, not to mention righteous, beginning. Originally going by Kainova, the young hatchling matured quickly and managed a humanoid form at a young age. However, despite general goodness and happiness that Kainova exhibited, there was always something slightly off about her. She strove to be above all others in recognition, often causing small, harmless accidents in order to gain attention. She also competed viciously when it came to climbing in rank or gaining trust.

When 3000 years passed of her life, she was given a task by the Life Bender. She was to raise an orphaned human boy to adulthood, teach him of light and goodness so that he could go on and rule his people. She took the task enthusiastically and took the boy, raising him as her own. He grew to be righteous, a formidable leader that was both kind and just, and well-loved. Yet, when Kainova returned home, she was cast aside in favor of other more important things. Feeling that she should have been recognized for her part, she felt the beginnings of resentment for her mother and the rest of the flight.

This resentment only grew when she traveled away from the flight and went exploring, coming upon the Highborn. Because of her knowledge, she was accepted easily enough, though the waters slowly began to corrupt her. After being promised a rather large amount of power and recognition, Kainova aided Azshara and the Highborne in their creation of the portal for Sargeras. Her test of loyalty was to bring the heart of the man she had raised as her son and present it.

Determined to gain the power promised, Kainova journeyed to the small human city and was welcomed with opened arms. They held a feast and celebration in honor of her return, and when the young man left with his mother to speak over the passed years, she drove a dagger into his chest and, despite feeling remorse, cut it out to complete the task.

After returning to the Highborn, they began the ritual that would open the portal. However, when it looked as though they would be destroyed by those who came to prevent Sargeras' entry, Kainova ran and hid from the sight of the other dragons.

In an act that she would regret for years to come, Kainova returned home once the well of eternity was destroyed, hoping that her part in the war would have gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, it did not. Sensing the corruption in her very soul and seeing what she had done as plainly as if she had seen it herself, Alexstrasza bound her in her humanoid form, and because of her 'sympathies towards demons', cast her from Azeroth to be banished in the Nether.

The A'Man D'Lys-ra Empire

After being cast from the only world she'd known, Kainova transformed inside and out. Dropping the name she was known by in the Ruby Dragonflight, she took the name Kaiysai instead. She had a terrible temper to go with her delusions of grandeur, and she was well known for bursting into flame when particularly enraged.

Gradually, after gathering forces numbering nearly ten thousand, she waged war on one of the demon lords in Shadowmoon Valley, defeated him, and began to build her empire. She was an intelligent leader, recognizing that she was neither powerful enough or strong enough to wage a larger conquest, and was content with the small corner she'd taken for herself and her minions.

There were many wars attempting to unseat her in the first 3000 years of her rule, but after the killing of the Highlord Expicos, the desire waned. There was a single prisoner taken from that battle; a demon of questionable origin by the name of Xenevos Pyrewalker. Xenevos eventually became her royal consort.

They ruled for another 5000 years together, fending off attack and attempts to use one to weaken the other. Her control became ironclad, save for a handful of times when Xenevos was attacked. She took everything in stride most of the time, but when her love was threatened Kaiysai often snapped. Those who attempted such a thing always suffered excruciating deaths.

Towards the end, a group of Demon Hunters invaded and the A'Man D'Lys-ra Empire was torn asunder. Believing her mate to be dead, Kaiysai went mad and fought back against them, nearly dying in the process. Again, when it looked as though they would lose, she ran and found a safe place to hide.

Severely weakened and near death, Kaiysai wandered Shadowmoon Valley for a good long while until coming upon a fel-addicted Warlock and her dying infant daughter, Athynia. Seeing her own human son in the tiny girl's face and feeling that old regret wash over her, Kaiysai consented to joining with the girl's body, a ploy to keep both of them alive. When the ritual was done, Kaiysai was nothing more then a still-powerful, demonic presence within the infant.

When the Warlock returned home with her daughter, her husband, a Paladin, was outraged at what she had done. Fearing the loss of Athynia should he exorcize the demon from her, he instead created a light-born shield around the second presence, preventing the demon from taking control of her.

As Athynia grew older, Kaiysai grew stronger.

The Slow Rise and Second Fall

Athynia became a Paladin of the light like her father and her older brother, yet with the faint influence of Kaiysai in the back of her mind, she fell in with people that were less then good. Death Knights, Warlocks, Shadow Priests, all with more power then herself. When one particular Death Knight fell victim to the pain of his own mind, Athynia drew on the light inside protecting her from Kaiysai's control and transformed it to heal and protect his mind.

Presented with the ability to take control of Athynia's body and mind, Kaiysai came forward often and fell into her old ways, plotting and scheming. One of these schemes was a plan to get her own body back. While in control of Athynia's body, Kaiysai made a deal with the Lich King via shade, informing him that she would serve him willingly and offer her power for his use if he would find her a suitable body for her to inhabit. One of the stipulations was that Athynia would be able to walk away alive and return to her daily life. After a great deal of coaxing and manipulation, the agreement was made.

Surprisingly, Arthas kept his end of the bargain, and Kaiysai was given a body. Upon entry, the body took on the appropriate attributes, right down to the faint lines of binding on her skin from Alexstrasza's archaic spell, and Kaiysai began life anew.

She served the Lich King willingly for a time, then turned on him with the rest of the Death Knights, working with a number of others to invade Icecrown Citadel and kill him; after all, one such as Kaiysai would never be content serving someone else for very long.

During this time, Xenevos was found to be alive and they resumed where they left off. She took great pleasure in manipulating those around her, causing disarray that could not be pinned on her. A 'friend' of every major force in Silvermoon City (elves were so much fun to play with and so easy to string along), she was privy to the inner-workings of most of them, even pushing subtly to wage war with their enemies on the very streets.

When the death of the Lich King came to pass, she focused her attention more fully on her little control and power games, never taking a side, but preferring to stand back and watch her handiwork until it became prudent to step up and claim what was rightfully hers. But she soon became bored and faded from the picture, instead focusing on things that would truly grant what she wished. She even went to the Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight and sought to reconcile with her mother and the flight, but was rejected and exiled from the sacred place.

Embittered by the 10,000 year old grudge and the Life-bender's continued rejection, Kaiysai hatched a plot with the aim to destroy not only the Ruby flight, but the rest of them as well.

Hearing rumors on the wind of cultists serving Neltharion, who was gaining strength to rise again, she secretly joined with the Twilight Hammer and began working toward that end as well, knowing that if Neltharion were to rise, no doubt he would go after the dragons who 'betrayed' him. Again, she managed to strike a deal that would grant her an immense amount of power.

As the time grew closer, Kaiysai began to have her doubts. Neltharion was insane, and it felt far too similar to her original fall; helping a creature of great evil surface for a great deal of power. Making a decision, she went to Deepholme and spoke to Deathwing herself, demanding assurance that her place would be solid in what was to come, and that the Wyrmrest Accord would be destroyed.

Instead of reassuring her, however, Deathwing captured her and ripped her apart, killing her. It was the magic energy released upon her death which brought him closer to his full strength, thus accelerating his rise.

The Return

After the Cataclysm, a warlock by the name of Synara Greenblight was traveling Deepholme, carrying out the tasks set out for her. After a particularly nasty fight, her minion was lost and she attempted to summon another one, accidentally pronouncing one of the words in the incantation wrong.

Kaiysai still maintains that the warlock tasted very, very good.

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