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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

World of Warcraft: The Conquered Worlds Edit

  • Related areas: Argus, other zones of Draenor and other worlds conquered by the Burning Legion.
  • Related opposing forces: Burning Legion, Shadow Council and native races.
  • Related intelligent/playable races: Ogre and Half-ogre(Horde); Arakkoa and Worgen(Alliance).
  • New Hero classes: Demon Hunter
  • Related allies: Dragonflight (except the Black)

History Edit

When the few survivors of the Shadow Council decide to help the Burning Legion in the invasion of Azeroth, many portals for worlds conquered by the Burning Legion are opened.

Playable Races Edit

Horde Edit


Grok'Vallha, the Beastmaster

Ogre Edit

Classes: IconSmall Warrior - IconSmall Shaman - IconSmall Warlock - IconSmall Mage - IconSmall Priest - IconSmall Deathknight

Half-ogre Edit

Classes: IconSmall Warrior - IconSmall Shaman - IconSmall Warlock - IconSmall Druid - IconSmall Hunter - IconSmall Deathknight

Starting Zones(Ogre/Half-Ogre):

When a boat with Ogres and Orcs fell in a storm, they were left to drift and were found on that island, where they made a base with the Goblins. Main City:

  • Fortalok (Undermine is a neutral city that cannot reached by land.)
- Leader: 
Grok'Vallha (An Half-Ogre)

Alliance Edit

Arakkoa Edit

Classes: IconSmall Warrior - IconSmall Shaman - IconSmall Rogue - IconSmall Mage - IconSmall Priest - IconSmall Deathknight

Starting Zones:

  • Nok'musshin level 1-20

A lost piece of Outland and home of the Arakkoa. Main City:

  • Enoralto
- Leader:

Morff the Giant

Worgen Edit

Classes: IconSmall Warrior - IconSmall Shaman - IconSmall Warlock - IconSmall Rogue - IconSmall Priest - IconSmall Deathknight

Starting Zones:

  • Urunahh level 1-10

The home world of the Worgen. Main City:

  • Sin'Thalas (The city became known like that because the High Elves were the first non-Worgen who reached there.)
- Leader: 
Morff the Giant (A Warlock/Warrior)

Factions Edit

This clan is the owner of Fortalok.

  • Dark Claw Clan

The main clan of the Worgen.

Demon Hunter Edit

Demon Hunters are dark, shadowy warriors who made a pact to fight against the forces of chaos using its own terrible powers against it.

Items Edit

Weapon Edit

They wield demonically charged warblades in battle and even call upon demonic energies to augment their formidable combat skills. Can use:Daggers, One-handed Swords and Two-handed Swords(Learn)

Armor Edit

Demon hunters eschew heavy armor, valuing mobility and speed. Can use:Leather and Cloth

Abilities Edit

Demon hunters have a variety of abilities that assist them in destroying demons, though the power coursing through their bodies also allows them to prevail over lesser foes.As a demon hunter grows in power, they undergo a gradual evolution, becoming more and more demonic in appearance. The changes are cosmetic and can take many different forms, from burning eyes to black blood. By the time the demon hunter reaches the pinnacle of his development, he is a twisted and dark version of his former self - though the chaotic energy in his body does not affect his personality and allegiance (or so the demon hunters claim), it wreaks great changes on his physical form.

Combat Edit

Demonology Edit


Shadow Edit

Mana Burn

Talents Edit

Combat Edit

Demonology Edit


Shadow Edit

Race Edit

Zones Edit

Annihilan Home World Edit

  • Man'ruin level 78-83
  • Somash level 80-83
Gorgonash's Lair
  • Munn'losh level 82-87
Field of Training
  • Veilhu level 85-89
The Pit
  • Broshio level 87-90
Mannoroth's Citadel (The name is because he was the first owner of the Citadel.)

Nathrezim Home World Edit

  • Serrash level 80-84
Vampiric Field
  • Lokuchi level 82-87
Camp of Pain
  • Ironur level 85-90
Camp of Shadow
  • Vankush level 88-94
Camp of Corruption
  • Nurm level 90-95
Nathrezim Fortress

Argus Edit

  • Ered'aid level 82-86
  • Normu'vis level 84-89
  • Molund level 86-92
  • Ered'aree level 87-94
  • Med'kish level 93-97
  • Serv'aree level 94-100

Main Bosses Edit

  • Bosses
Kil'jaeden (Mac'Aree final boss)
Mephistroth (Nathrezim final boss)
Azgalor (Mannoroth's Citadel final boss)

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