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Characters Edit

  • Feralis Alliance Level 80 Protection warrior

Proffesions: Elite armorsmith and mining

  • Fangelore Allaince Level 80 Survival hunter

Proffesions: Herbalism and transmuter (Alchemy)

  • Fenrish Allaince Level 80 Unholy evil gnum DK

Proffesions: Engineering + Future cataclysm skill archeology

  • And alts not worth to mention.

Feralis Past and present Guilds Edit

Past guilds

  • Stormwind alliance - Rank: officer
  • Kinsmen - Rank: Senator external affairs, raidleader
  • Immortalis - Rank: Member
  • Memento Mori - Rank: Second Guildmaster, raidleader
  • Ascension - Rank: Second Guildmaster, raidleader
  • Fragile Dream - Rank: Officer
  • Con Fusion - Rank: Officer, raidleader
  • Dragonsbane - Rank: Officer, raidleader
  • Royal Vanguard - Rank: Officer/Raidleader
  • Alpha - Rank: member
  • Dragonsbane - Rank: Officer/Raidleader
  • Nightsky - Rank: raider
  • Demise - Rank: Raider
  • Wipe Scene Investigation - Rank: Raider trial

Current guild

  • Wipe Scene Investigation

Raid experience Edit

  • Zull Gurub - All bosses down
  • Molten Core - All bosses down
  • Onyxia - down
  • Ahn Qurai 20 - All bosses down
  • Ahn Qurai 40 - All bosses down
  • Karazhan - All bosses down
  • SSC - All bosses down
  • Tempest Keep - All bosses down
  • Doomwalker - down
  • Doomlord kazzak - down
  • Zul' Aman - All bosses down
  • Gruuls lair - All bosses down
  • Magtheredons lair - down
  • Mount Hijall - All bosses down
  • Black Temple - All bosses down
  • Sunwell Plateau - All bosses down
  • Naxxramas 10men - All bosses down
  • Naxxramas 25men - All bosses down
  • The vault of archevon 10men - down
  • The vault of archevon 25men - down
  • Obsidian sanctum 10men - down
  • Obsidian sanctum 25men - down
  • Obsidian sanctum 25men + 3 drakes down
  • The eye of eternity 10men - down
  • The eye of eternity 25men - not down but done it
  • Ulduar 10men - 12 bosses down, yoggy left
  • Ulduar 25men - 12 bosses down, yoggy left
  • Trial of the champion 10men - All bosses down (Heroic: 4 bosses)
  • Trial of the champion 25men - All bosses down
  • Icecrown Citadel 10men - 11 bosses down
  • Icecrown Citadel 25men - 7 bosses down
  • The Ruby Sanctum 10men - Not down
  • The Ruby Sanctum 25men - Not down
  • Throne of the four winds - all down
  • Blackwing Decent - Down
  • Bastion of twilight - all down
  • Baradin hold - down
  • Firelands - all down
  • Dragonsoul - 6/8 bosses, all bosses from LFR (so I got kinda the idea)

Got Deathwing down and spine of deathwing

History Edit

As player originally came from the Diablo II hardcore servers on battlenet, Feralis started his career as a officer in a small guild that was soon enough dis banned due guild problems, later on he grew into kinsmen getting teached the fine art of being a officer. The most known action on the Dragonsbane server was the Kinsmen - Heart of the alliance - Prime - Red Raiders - Dragonsbane. Tho Kinsmen failed the two previous alliances Kinsmen - Erazer and Kinsmen - Heretic. This alliance was pretty strong and successful.

A chance was granted by the high council from Kinsmen for Feralis to start his raid leading career in AQ20 while the rest of the raids where in Zull gurub and Molten Core. This went very well and bosses got killed in a rapid way in AQ20. Due problems in raids with Molten Core, the raidleader dropped out and in a most not wanted situation Feralis has been asked to lead the raids with Molten Core and Zull Gurub. This with succes even the times where hard. In the end three strong alliances remained and with the release of the burning crusade Feralis decided to move on to a other guild. He ended in Immortalis which was disbanded and Feralis became a Guildmaster in Memento Mori looking at his past experience. This went pretty well in raiding with Karazhan. On rapid bases bosses where killed even faster then some elite guilds on the server.

Sad enough the guild needed to disband and it is tried to do it again with a bunch of core people but never had its success then what it was before. Tho with a alliance with Dragonsbane Memento Mori could kill for the first time High King Maulgar. Not to mention that after a core of Ascension/ Memento Mori went to Fragile dream, the dream didnt hold up. Their experience was high in raiding and they had some fine players as well. The pressure of raiding was high again. In Con fusion Feralis exceeded as a good raider. And in there a lot of instances where done with progress. Tho times weren't always friendly in there, Feralis decided to move to Dragonsbane where his connections where strong.

And till the day of today he remains there.

Roleplay part Edit

Fenrish the evil gnum.

He is kinda like the "brain" from "Pinky and the brain" Revived as Deathknight serving the Lich king, he kinda is a renegade. On seeing "Frostmourne" the taste of demanding power became his greatest ambition in life (or death, it is a death knight after all) His life spending is that each day he thinks of a plan how to "Rule the world" As we know gnomes are technical in nature and that in combination of a death knight makes him quite evil. However he doesn't pick sides, joins raids for evil fun. You can imagine like letting players fall to their death, turning them into ghouls, unleashing the army of the death and demanding each item for himself. Tho if you put the gnum and guide him into the right direction, he might be very useful. Small in nature and fast in speed his enemies are unmatched. If not. I recommend to all the raid leaders what we always do with gnomes. "Let the gnum die"

If anyone comes meet this gnum a few rules to bear in mind.

  • ... Let him never touch power full items. Staring at ye items is bad enough.
  • ... Let him never believe that he is bigger then the rest, it is a gnum after all
  • ... Just make him believe that he can rule the world by killing the raid bosses. It is also a weakness sinse most

raid bosses have a lot of power.

  • ... Because he is small in size, he rules only creatures tinier then him, like angry squirrels
  • ... Do not let him fly on a dragon mount. Tiny in size he prolly loose control of him mount causing mahem

and destruction on the landscape.

Each day, he tries to execute his plans to rule the world. And off course, like the brain. He fails.

Guildmaster experience Edit

As a guildmaster he managed again the external affairs but also the raids and how to organizes them. He done this close with his other guildmaster Spi. Who done a great work on building websites and making things ready for raids. Tho Feralis is a good player, he made some justified calls once in a while. Listening to guild members and their stories and making the right call on it.

Raidleader experience Edit

As told in the history above, Feralis first raid leading was in AQ20, tho he grown in knowing classes. From druid to warrior. He kept a keen eye. But what is more interested in raids that for the first time a raid leaders task was spread out. One person for the invites, one person who does the loot, one person who keeps track of the DKP system, one person who marks and one person who focus on the tactics. Doing so saving up a lot of time but also a lot of pressure on the raid leader itself. Also what is important that people needed to be treated equal. It means all went from Group perspective and not from a individual point of view.

As raid leader he might have a harsh nature, but in fact Feralis likes a realism as a option. Fun in raiding most come in front and trying to be selective in what you say is important then. Clear and focus is his style. Most common notes is most people call him one of the best raid leaders of the server. If this is true is a other story. Nevertheless his fame on the server leaves a good mark. And have always the will to drive one guild bigger then the other in progress.

There is a true skill as Raidleader to do the impossible things where people say that we can't do it.

No boss is non-doable.

Class Experience Edit

It was often that Feralis was a class leader in the warriors, tanking began from Zull Gurub after a conflict about a tanking sword. From that point on the greatest tanks on the server teach him about tanking. And thus it is often that later on as class leader Feralis teach this knowledge to later on famous tanks. Several tanks that has been in Erazer and corpse run had some lessons from Feralis. And in con fusion that tanking became more stronger then before.

The two types of Tanking specs: (Out of date)

  • [1]Survivor build. Good at dungeons
  • [2]Fast aggro build. Good for raids

It is often that Feralis participated with tank discussions over the world.

  • [3] the leftovers raiding website. A good guidebook how you need to be tanking, but it also explains how u can tank very well.

As his alt hunter he learned a lot from his own elite hunters he had in Memento Mori. Several went to Erazer, corpse run or aeturnus.

Tho these days he is trying to learn the ways of a priest.

Did you know Edit

  • ... That Feralis his warrior not the first Feralis character was? Actually it was a Dwarf paladin with the same name, but on lvl15 he deleted that character on accident.
  • ... That Feralis his oldest character is?
  • ... That Fangelore started a year as "Just a mule" character. Mule is something invented in diablo II as a stashing character where you wanna store things. The bagspaces those times weren't big or where expensive to buy at the bank
  • ... That Feralis tanking experience started on a fight about a Zul Gurub sword with a other famous tank on the server? From that day on Fera specced tank and never respecced to a other spec. Even not through the burning crusade and wrath of the Lich king. Pure out off principle of its class.
  • ... That Fangelores oldest pets are called Garfield (cat from stranglethorn Vale) and Odie? (Wolf from Alterac Valley)
  • ... That Fangelores pet Odie is actually a version 2.0? In AV there was a better looking wolf then the one from the mountains in the burning crusade.
  • ... That fenrish is based on "brain" like stimpy and the brain? He always wanna take over the WoW world in strange ways.

Famous quotes Edit

>>> "Clean your pipes, refuel yourself and spank the monkey while we do a bio..."

>>> "Huggy bear moment... Common hug the big giant red circle on the ground"

>>> "Every time someone (noob) says wait or bio. A squirrel in the world will die!"

>>> "Naked locks that are suicidal... nice"

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