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August 9, 2007

Hi I'm Feldaldor and I'm really into elves. Especially High and Blood elves. I like the horde over the alliance. Only because of BE's though... and I am mad at blizzard currently X(. *mumbles* how dare they make illidan and kael go mad!.... not to mention BE's would've done better in a new faction...

My othere areas of study which I'm good at but not as knowledgeable at as elves are:

Naga, Dreinei,dragon(one of my lesser topics but I think I still know quite a bit about them), and Demons(also not to much but more than some), I'm currently looking into studying titans and the old gods, particularly the ladder.

Please note that I'm fairly new to WoWwikki so my prophile IS still under maintenance. ^^

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