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Yugama was first named Aiyanna, created on the day of the WoW launch on the Gorgonash server. While a member of Jokers Wild raided with the only end game guild at the time, Red Branch, in their first forrays into Molten Core. A few months later joined The Kindred Outcast and began many months of raiding and was able to participate in many events. Second server kill of Rag, first kill of Nefarian, and completing the quests to open the AQ gates.

Aiyanns alt on Greymane, Namami, started organizing Immortal into an end game guild. Later during the paied transfers Ayianna became Yugama. And now as Immortal's Guild Master is leading them to great success in end game. All of which coldnt be done without the hard work of the officers and members of Immortal.

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