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From "WarCraft Beastiary" (post seems to be gone now) by "Warlock":

This is something else I have been working on akin to the Legends list I posted earlier. The goal here is to create a comprehensive bestiary of pretty much everything that walks the world of Azeroth (and Outland and the Twisting Nether, etc.). I'm still not 100% sure how specific I want to get, since at the moment I have little critters like dogs, cats, parrots, rats, etc in there. I may remove those but then at the same time I hate to remove anything that was a critter in Warcraft 2 or Warcraft 3. So basically what I have going now is "anything clickable". That way I can ignore crap like birds and flies and all those other ambient things that are ridiculously obvious. But I haven't decided entirely yet how much I want to go into this so some of those may be removed.
Annnnnnyways, the basic goal of this is to just have the main races, not necessarily each individual unit name (i.e. Gnoll, Gnoll Poucher, Gnoll Mystic, etc etc). Some of these names may overlap because the same type of creature may share several different names (i.e. Ooze, Slime, etc.) but that will all be sorted later. Anyways, I haven't gone through all the WoW mobs but I think I have the good majority of them in here. Let me know if you guys see anything missing or anything that looks wrong. The bulleted stuff is mostly different sub-types of that kind of creature or else different names for it. The stuff with an asterisk (*) after it is still up in the air. They were names from the WoW MPQ of creatures I can only assume are being added soon. Drakeadons for example I know are going to be in Blackwing Lair. They are sorta a weird mutated kind of Dragonspawn. There are pictures of them on Blizzard's WoW site. But that name could change from what they are called in the MPQ. Tigons are half-man, half-tigers... no idea where they belong, perhaps Zul'Gurub? I have also been debating about including Lamias which have some very nice concept art in the WoW Art Book. But until I see them in-game I may hold off on that.

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