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Alliance 32 Server:Hellscream

A level 60 Night Elf Druid on the Hellscream server known best for her abilities to make members of the horde faction do whatever she wants.

Rumor has it she threatens great violence unto the familties of horde that do not sacrifice their first born children to her name. We spoke with her secretary in Darnassus about these allegations, but there was no information give that would denounce or support any type of hypothesis.

The governement officials seem to have tight lips when it comes the subject of why the horde vandalism rate is down 95% in Darnassus since Alixa took her post in the outer regions of the Craftman's Terrace. Once again, no solid evidence supports that fact that Alixa has had anything to do with this.

We also picked up a rumor that she visits the Undercity and raises havok and mayhem with the undead leader, Lady Sylvanas, on a fairly regular basis with a few other thugs. This word can be confirmed as true as there were a few horde witnesses to this behavior.

One day she hopes to become just as great as the mighty Mercator so that she stop feeling so bad about fangirl stalking him everywhere. She hopes to one day have cute little half Tauren / half Night Elf babies with this famous bovine.

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