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Who I AmEdit

Hello! I'm Falcon457. I'm relativley new at this WoW-Wiki thing as far as making articles and editing them goes. However, I have been an avid reader of the site for quite some time.

I consider myself a WoW Lore Geek; I love to talk about lore from the game and explain it to those who don't know....whether they care to or not, lol.

I love everything related to Elven culture. Dire Maul, Darnassus, and Silvermoon are considered my hangouts, haha. Blood Elves are the better elves in my opinion. When Night Elves can be mages, my main toon will switch over (I've always wanted to be a Highborne).



Alliance not by choice, but because Horde raid progression on this server is not all that good, blah! Plus my friends went to Alliance so..why not?


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