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HordeNPC 32Faeti
Gender Female
Race Sin'dorei
Character class Priest
Affiliation Aldor
Position Healer, Jewelcrafter, Primal Mooncloth tailor, Chef, and Fisher
Location Silvermoon City
Relative(s) Rhaeclya (Aunt)

Faeti Morning Glory Edit

The Priestess, Lady Faeti Morning Glory is a well known healer for the horde. Even if she is a blood elf, Lady Fae has proven her dedication to Thrall and the other members of the horde time and time again in the battlefield by mending the wounded and supporting the actual fighters.

Description Edit

Lady Faeta is always a sight to behold. Rich, golden curls frame the delicate features of her face. Bright green eyes sparkle almost as a reflection of the joy she finds in her every day life. Faeti’s body is lithe and agile, almost to the point of being easily broken and wounded in battle. She weights around a hundred pounds and is about five foot seven for height.

Her garments are always made of the highest quality materials available. She goes to greater lengths in adoring her garments for leisure and fun over those that are used in the battlefield. After all, she really doesn’t want to be too noticeable when engaging danger.

In a grand city Edit

When Lady Faeti is spending leisure time within any city or town her dress is very formal, yet still casual. It’s almost unheard of to see her wearing a pair of pants or acting as a man. Instead, flamboyant gowns will highlight and frame each one of her soft curves. Often times the trim or hem lines will be adorned with hand cut gems to sparkle in any candle or sunlight. When up close and personal, delicate one of a kind jewelry will always be noticeable if anyone looks to the places a woman will usually wear such adornments.

On the battlefield Edit

When Lady Faeti joins her friends and allies on the battlefield her clothing still considers appearances but is more or less focused on being functional. The material is a little thicker to help protect her delicate skin from bruises and cuts. She usually forgoes wearing any distinguished tabards of identification as it’s not likely her protectors would be unknowledgeable of her whereabouts. Instead of carrying her usual purse, Lady Fae will always carry her medicine bag gifted to her by the Timbermaw.

Personality Edit

Lady Faeti has spent her whole life taking care of the various forms of life around her. From tending the wounds of a fledging bird that fell from a nest when Fae was nothing more than a tot herself; to taking care of full grown soldiers in the current war, she has always been a giver, protector, and a nurturer.

She can be sometimes far too extroverted than warranted, often speaking her mind on moral indecencies such as the need to value and respect all life. Yet she still retains the balance of what is and is not proper conversation for a person of her statue.

Fae can be very bossy in terms of getting people to do the things she feels they are obligated to do. As such, she sees a clear distinction between a man’s work of doing heavy and hard labor, and a female’s work as assisting a man in a way to not injure herself by doing the lighter work which is just as important.

Even in her “whining fits”, Fae is more or less very open to listening to and following orders from dominating gentlemen. But she can be prone to pouting when doing what is ordered of her. Considering the family she came from, it is what she is most familiar with. This can get her into a lot of trouble, as she is rather naïve, not all that bright, and far to trusting of people. Regardless of race, she thinks everyone is decent and good and is quite apt to curling up with them to chit-chat freely.

Fae loves to laugh and have a good time, and as such, she has a wide range of items to help inspire that with others. People usually find themselves mysteriously moved into dancing when she plays a song on her piccolo or joining her with a dance of the shakes to a toy train’s choo choos… If all else fails, she can bring out the ale and get people drunk enough to start having a good time.

Current Activities Edit

As of lately, Lady Faeti has been traveling with friends and acquaintances into dangerous places to battle whatever it is in the location. In the evening of those adventures when she is given time to rest and relax she is either tailoring garments, bags, and other needed supplies or reading up on topics of cooking, jewelcrafting, and the like.

She loves tailoring new dresses and items for friends as well as herself. There isn’t a day that goes by which she doesn’t tinker with valuable gems and fancy them into adornments for the day’s adventure. Such oddity pieces can always be seen dangling from her slender ears, against the creamy flesh of her neck, slender wrists, or delicate fingers.

With a lot of help from friends, Fae has been spending a lot of time researching and learning new gem cuts to shape the valuable stones in a way to harness the energy into a tangible form to help those wearing her gifts. So far, a week hasn’t gone by that she doesn’t learn at least one new thing pertaining to that subject since she entered Northrend.

For more information on what is happening in her daily life, feel free to read the “Life as a Little Princess” diary at the Sin'dorei Chronicles.

Quick Notes Edit

- Lady Faeti is open to being friendly to any person regardless of horde, alliance, or neutral affiliation as long as the people show a peaceful, easy going demeanor.

- She gets upset if people are ruthlessly killing any creature purely for sport. Its one thing to do it to benefit of the greater (i.e. survival of more over the few).

- She has gained exalted status with at least 25 fractions as of yet. Many of them gifting her with special mounts and/or pets to aid her in her travels. The use of them is not meant to rub it into people’s faces (as it has been implied to be a show off). I, the player, just use a random macro which will randomly select a pet or mount from the desired list (i.e. either a pet, flying mount, or a land mount) to use when playing.

- Lady Faeti doesn’t see herself as an example of a good person. She doesn’t view people as being either completely good or bad, but a balance of both. Everyone has both good and bad qualities inside them and it’s a mater of them making their own choices on how to act on their desires.

- She is generally really to stupid and naive to know real fear or real caution. She thinks everyone loves her, and as such, she can’t come to harm.

- Her religious views are in worshiping and praying to angels (spirit guardians, etc) for assistance and guidance. She respects all of the gods that exist, but she can’t find it in herself to pray or seek guidance in any one. Instead she holds on tightly to her faith in angels and them being able to discover the truth of humanity and people. If someone is not meant to live, an angel can take their life… but in the meantime, Fae will aid and help anyone who needs it.

Out of Character Information Edit

- Its safe to assume that anything in says and emotes is purely In Character.

- Party chat will also be In Character if two or more people in the party are Role-players and we wish to RP during the run. It’s asked that if you are not interested in RP’ing you be quiet and not interfere or hinder the ongoing RP (after all, party chat by the official WoW Rules on an RP realm states it is meant for IC). Boss fight explanations, if necessary, may be the only real OOC discussion break during an rp run.

- Do not ever god mode or auto my character. If you wish to do something to her, explain what you are TRYING to do, and what MIGHT happen to her if you were to be successful. But never say what you are doing. It’s up to me to respond to what you are trying to do, and to say how it did or did not affect my character. In other words, you role-play your character and I will role-play mine.

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