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This page has several purposes

  1. To Change the link colour of my name to blue
  2. To learn how to edit whith out screwing up an important page. Well I guess i could use the preview too but this is more fun.
  3. To inform other users of my characters and knowledge (when I get around to it).
  4. To Keep track of links to important pages on the wiki.

Current CharactersEdit

I am a casual player. I prefer to have a lot of different lower level characters. Many I have abandoned a few I still play and i'm always making new ones. I have lots of experience with lower level content, not so much with high end content. Characters i'm currently playing are.


  • Exiton, Night Elf Druid, Level 80
    • Herbalisim Grand Master, Alchemy Grand Master
  • Soliton, Draenie Priest, Level 40-45
  • Exibank, Human Paladin, Level 20
  • Solara, Draenie Shaman, level < 20


  • Soliton, Troll Hunter, level 20-25
  • Xykon, Undead Priest, level 65-70
  • solbank, Orc Shaman, level 8
  • Veraxis, Blood Elf Warlock, Level 30-35

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