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NeutralNPC 32Lady Serpentscale
Title <Cobracoil Maiden>
Gender Female
Race Naga
Character class Sea Witch, Healer, Sorcerer, Shaman
Affiliation Queen Azshara, Illidan's forces
Position Servant and friend of Lady Vashj, keeper of the Cobracoil Staff.
Location Broken Isles, died at Dalaran.
Status Dead
Relative(s) None known
Alignment Always Lawful evil

Lady Serpentscale was born about 99.299 years ago in the city of Zin-Azshari. She died in the Dungeons of Dalaran. She earned the Cobracoil Staff long ago. She is an old friend of Lady Vashj.

War of the Ancients Edit

During the War of the Ancients, she never got out from her chamber. She was friends with Vashj but she overshadows her anytime. Her fate was the same as the other Zin-Azshari night elves.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Edit

Serpentscale was one of Lady Vashj's troups. She stayed in the Broken Isles to command the smaller forces. She then assisted Vashj when she wanted to free Kael'thas Sunstrider. Here is the story :

"Somewhere under the ruined city of Dalaran, in the gutters, something long and graceful swam through the waters. The moonlight shone down upon her scales, making it very shiny, and somehow, disgusting. She went deeper and kept swimming forward, until she stopped and went up to the surface.

"Bah! Disgusting water! It tastes terrible! What route did Vashj took here?" She said to herself. Lady Serpentscale was one of Lady Vashj's allies. She was always overshadowed by her, and was hardly mentioned in any conversations between Vashj and someone else. She was very jealous of her, yet she still follows her orders.

Serpentscale then looked around her, and there was nothing around her. "Perhaps I should go the other way" She asks herself. She quickly dove in and swam back. She stopped in a three-way tunnel. "Which one?" She asks herself. She then grabbed her Cobracoil staff, and chanted some spells. The staff led her to the middle tunnel, and she quickly swam through it. And finally, she was back where she got in. The water was very deep, and it got clearer along the way. She is puzzled by this. She then followed a dark tunnel. There was something shining in the tunnel's end. She swam closer to it. "What in the name of Azshara is that!?" She said. And when she was just reaching out to it, something grabbed her tail. She turned her head, and a banshee was behind her. "How dare you enter my home!!" She said while pulling Serpentscale's tail. Lady Serpentscale hissed and grabbed her staff. She blasted that being back, yet it did not destroy her. "Who are you, ghost!?" Asked Serpentscale. "I am the ghost of Aroneque, and I am the one who owns it!!" "Own what?" "The Northrend Orb of Ice!!" Lady Serpentscale was suddenly interested. "Oh, that orb, it's yours?" She asked. "Leave this place, sea witch! The orb contains powers no being can resist! It is my right to protect it" She threatened.Yet, Lady Serpentscale can't just swim away that easily. She froze a moment there, and thought: "Power? Wow, with lots and lots of power I can beat Vashj and make the Naga mine to command! I must have it!!". She quickly melted back and said: "Dear goddess! Is that your body over there!?" Serpentscale said pointing out to the gutters. "My body!!!" She screeched. Lady Serpentscale quickly took the orb and swam away quickly. "This orb is mine now, fool" She teased Aroneque. Aroneque screamed loudly, hurting poor Serpentscale's serpent ear. "Ouch! My ear! Stop that infernal screaming, you twit!" She swam away quickly to leave the banshee behind. "I don't see her anywhere! I lost her! Haha!!" Serpentscale said. She stopped and Aroneque was in front of her. "Hiss! This is mine!!" "That orb is mine! Give it to me!!" "No, this is mine! I need it's power!!!" Serpentscale screamed. Both let go of the orb, and it hit the wall, hard. "NO!!! YOU FOOL! DO YOU KNOW WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!?!!!!" "Not really" Serpentscale said, grinning, feeling guilty. The orb shattered into tiny million pieces, and every bit of water froze in the dungeon. Aroneque riggled free from the ice, as she has nothing to protect and she faded away. Lady Serpentscale was dead. The ice froze and killed every vain, muscle and life inside her.

In the morning, two human footmen walked through the tunnel. They found something rotting on the floor. "Hey, look at this!" "What the hell is that?" "Don't know. A staff! "What do you think the creature is?" "Should we report this to Lord Garithos?" "Nah. Come on, we have to guard that blood elf Kael. Be quick, they're refilling the dungeons with water"

Not long, Vashj swam through the tunnels. "Hmh, didn't think Prince Kael have to be rescued. Oh well, what can you do for a young blood elf like him?" She said. She stopped and looked at a tunnel next to her. She sniffed around and smiled. "Foolish Serpentscale. Think she can beat me? Now she's dead".

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