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NeutralNPC 32Countess Aroneque DeMort
Title <The One Who Holds It>
Gender Female
Race Undead
Location Dalaran.
Status Undead
Relative(s) None known
Alignment Always Neutral evil

Baroness Aroneque DeMort was once a beautiful woman who lived in the city of Dalaran. She was a blood elf, yet she did not live in Silvermoon. This is her story:

"I was on a trip to Northrend one day. I maybe a baroness but that doesn't mean I sit around drinking tea and eating tiny chocolates, I enjoy battling and traveling too. My powers are quite formidable I was walking near a large rocky hill, when a woman called for me. Her skin was light purple, her hair was long, messy and black. She was wearing a black robe and she was quite old. "Greetings, my dear. Would you mind helping an old lady?" She said. I thought she was the undead but that was just being rude. "How can I help you?" I asked her. "Well, I think I left my poor little doggie back in that cave over there. Would you rescue my dog for me?" She asked. I agreed to help her and went in.

The cave was deep and dark. The old lady was following behind me. "Oh, don't touch the walls, deary" She said. "Why?" "These walls will freeze you to death if you touch them"

I gulped and kept walking in. The tunnel gets darker and darker along the way. I then stopped and grabbed my staff to lit the way. I saw large horrific bones of beasts I do not know. It was horrible. The old lady pointed to a darker tunnel in the right. "Are you sure?" "Of course I do!" "Okay. What were you doing here?" "I was looking for my cat, but then I lost my dog!" I slapped myself in the face. But I promised her to find it.

After about half an hour walking, the old lady pointed to a door and said; "There!" "There? How do you know he was there?" "I looked for my cat there"

So I opened the door, and I couldn't believe my eyes. An orb, about the size of a wildkin's hands, silver and shiny, was standing on a small column in the middle of the room. "What on earth is that?" The old lady smiled deviously and slammed the door. I turned my head on her. Her mouth opened widely and came out a ghost. Her body turns out to be fake. "YOU HAVE BEEN TRICKED!!" Suddenly, something crawled on my feet. A skeletal dog and a skeletal cat was rubbing their heads on me. The banshee then flew to me and pushed me to the wall. The ice froze my hands and feet, hard. "What!? What is this!?" My staff fell down far away from the wall. The banshee then took the orb and smashed it into my face. I was dead, I can feel it. Every single bit of life was torn out of my body. She clawed my body off with her sharp claws and span around. I can feel it. Every single bit of my body pieces fell into the ground. The shattered parts of the orb flew back and formed another orb together. I then looked at myself; I was floating. I had no nerve. My hair was long and white. I was transparent. I screeched. "Good! You have begun to screech! Now, guard this orb and take it somewhere else! If this orb breaks, you will turn into NOTHING!!" The banshee said. Looks like I was one of her now. I then disappeared and when I opened my eyes, I was underwater, floating freely. The dungeons of Dalaran.

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