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HordeNPC 32Miriah Felicity Trias
Title <Hand of Sylvanas>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Level 70 Player
Affiliation Undercity
Location Unknown


A failing acolyte in the oil-rich city of Stratholme, Myriah El'Ubris spent all of her life struggling against her lot as the only child of the High Priestess, Lady Alyssa El'Ubris. A favourite of the people, Alyssa fought to maintain her good reputation by insisting that her child was a prodigy of the Light in the hope of overshadowing the fact that the girl was illegitimate. Myriah never showed much talent for it, however, preferring to dabble in the shadow and necromancy via whatever dubious sources she could find.

Butchered with the rest of her people by Arthas' army, Myriah spent many years semi-concious as Scourge, during which time she adopted the name "Miriah" (which a peasant had mistakenly called her prior to the massacre). Finally freed as Forsaken, she embraced her undeath as a chance to finally exploit the stronger shadow side of herself without fear of repercussions from what she had always felt to be a biased system. Idolising Sylvanas as her saviour, she joined the ranks of the Lady's House along with her partner, Damius Dragonclaw.

Despite insisting to the Dark Mistress of the House at that time, Eriminia, that she had little talent for leadership, Miriah rose swiftly through the ranks, first acting as a bridging character between member and officer and then ascending to the post of Hand of Sylvanas following her predessor's resignation. Over time her dogged loyalty earned her the post of Crypt Mistress, second only to the Dark Lord Gahs, where she currently presides as one of the more understanding officers of the House.

At presentEdit

Although often submissive to authority, Miriah is resolute and even passionate in her beliefs. Certain that the war on Azeroth will only end when the boundaries of race are broken, she backs the new plague entirely, even going so far as to offer her own limited skills as a herbalist to the Royal Apothecary Society. Despite this determined attitude to the mass murder of all other species, she can be a very caring figure toward her fellow Forsaken - especially those within the House, for whom she feels a strong level of responsibility after intiating - generally watching their backs and offering her aid when she can.

This ability to embrace her emotional side often leaves Miriah torn between her deep loyalty and respect for Lord Gahs and any friendships built up with lower ranking companions. Rarely does she go against her Lord's will, however, set on earning his respect.

Outside the House she has numerous contacts, some positive and some negative. The most prominent of these is Hecter Trias, a talented assassin and ex-member of SI:7, to whom she is married. The two reside in Booty Bay two daughters, Praelia and Holly, where they are rumoured to be basing a search for immortality...

Miri erebus

For the title war:
Crypt Mistress Miriah Felicity Trias, Hand of the House of Sylvanas, widow Dragonclaw of Fenris Isle,
last of the house of El'Ubris, Acolyte of Stratholme, lady mind bender and shadowcaster.

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