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Neutral 32Inquisitor Alina Estly Morante
Gender Female
Race Human
Character class Paladin
Affiliation The Scarlet Crusade, The Knights of the Silver Hand, Alliance
Position Inquisitor of The Scarlet Crusade.
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Unknown

Inquisitor Alina Estly Morante is a member of The Scarlet Crusade carrying the rank of Inquisitor. Though her usual base of operation is Stratholme she has been transferred to Stormwind City where she was bastioned in the Cathedral of Light. Her current location is unknown.

(Server: Silver Hand)

Biography Edit

Early days Edit

Not much is known about the early days of Estly due to the lack of stored documents. It is known, however, that she was born in Elwynn Forest on June 3rd, eight years before the First War, by Keimelia Morante who died in childbirth.

Estly was raised by her father Gylvith on the farm she was born until his demise.

The Silver HandEdit

Estly stayed on the farm for a couple of years after her father’s death before signing up with The Knights of the Silver Hand at the age of 19. She remained in the order until its fall after the Third War.

Former officers of the Silver Hand have described her as quiet, shy and punctual. Estly was promoted once in the order.

The Scarlet Crusade Edit

After the Silver Hand fell, Estly soon joined the newly formed Scarlet Crusade. She quickly started Inquisitor training and got her title two years later. She was stationed in Stratholme until transferred to Stormwind roughly two years later.

Inquisitor Estly has been described as zealous, steadfast, bitter and “a woman with a dry sense of humor if any at all”, a description rather different than the one she got during the Silver Hand.

Estly Morante vanished from Stormwind at the age of 34. Her current location is unknown.

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