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Quel'Akar in game.

The Hell Jumpers otherwise known as Fallen Angels are an elite paladin order operating in secret out of Deepholm. The order was founded between Stormcaller Mylra and a former Bloodknight.

Founding of the order-- While trying to track down the world pillar Mylra and the Earthen Ring where in need of elite soldiers capable of traversing the vertically challenging terrain of Deepholm, thus a renegade paladin Hathras The Patient was the first put to the test. Upon Twilight Hammer cultists taking over the Multiple Alliance ships in Deepholm this holy warrior used his light given powers to free fall or "Hell Jump" from Earthen Ring gryphons circling above. It was later noted that more Paladins joined the secretive order and thus forth formed the order further.

It can be noted that paladins of the order do not openly converse about there duty do partly to Twilight infiltration in major cities.

Hell Jumpers

Before taking down Deathwing, Alliance and Horde forces secretly conversed with Hathras the Patient (Now Quel'Akar or Shattered one) about the technique need to free fall onto a target.

NOTE-Quel'Akar's appearance in game renders him with Ashbringer, not in lore.


The Hell Jump order uses mainly long swords and axes and surprisingly a very small number of maces are noted. The highest members of the order wear golden or yellow armor and seem to have developed transparent wings made of light. The lower ranked members tend to wear silver or white armor and rarely produce wings except while jumping. High ranking members all wear halos floating above their heads to sanctify there affinity with the sky.


Once a Hell Jumper earns his wings he is promoted to Sky Knight, the starting Rank seems to be Jumper as the most scantily clad members bear this rank, long lasting and weathered knights earn the title Angel while the leader of the order bears the title Lord Angel.


Most of the Hell Jumpers consist of Humans, High Elves, Blood Elves, and few if any Dwarves, Tauren and Draenei. There are no female knights within the order. Knights are handpicked when they show affinity in battle and strength.

Training Whilst enduring the training atop the towers of Dalaran at night few trainees live to become knights, many peril in the free fall back to ground. The second a trainee finishes training he is sent to Deepholm and branded a protector of the world pillar until the day he dies.

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