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Neutral 32Count Daras Evanir Goldleaf
Gender Male
Race [[race::Blood elf/high elf]]
Character class Mage
Affiliation Silvermoon City, Kirin Tor
Position Count of Quel'Rital
Location Unknown
Status Alive, Single
Relative(s) Evanir Goldleaf (Father), Areia Sunwhisper (Mother), Satharen Goldleaf (Brother, Deceased), Five younger siblings
HordeNPCElite 32Daras Goldleaf
Title <Minister of the Exterior>
Gender Male
Race High elf (Humanoid)
Level 30 Elite
Affiliation Silvermoon
Location Thunder Bluff

Introduction Edit

Count Daras Goldleaf is a Blood Elf noble of Silvermoon City hailing from the port-town on Quel'Thalas's west coast, Quel'Rital. Born the second child of Evanir Goldleaf, Daras assumed lordship over Quel'Rital after his older brother had been killed by The Scourge and his father followed Prince Kael'Thas to Outland. Though Daras accepts the title "Blood Elf" to honor his dead kin, he doesn't accept it for any other reason than that. He is still considered a High Elf by the Kirin Tor and some other groups.

Short Biography Edit

Born in the summer home of Evanir Goldleaf and Areia Sunwhisper on the banks of Lake Mereldar, Daras Goldleaf grew up knowing a life of nobility and wealth. As a child, Daras studied in a private school in his hometown of Quel'Rital, where he learned history, grammar, logic, music, and many other things that make a successful elf. His childhood was filled with frequent trips to Silvermoon, Dalaran, Lordaeron, and many other large cities. He met and befriended a vast array of characters from these trips.

As he matured, Daras went to Silvermoon to study at a prestigious University, where he obtained degrees in philology, philosophy, and music. Later, Daras traveled to study in Dalaran. In Dalaran, Daras sharpened his magical talent. He graduated as the salutatorian from the Arcane Academy of Dalaran and was now a full-fledged wizard with extensive knowledge of Magical History. He stayed in Dalaran for a few years and became a scribe to Conjurus Rex, an Archmage and a member of the Kirin Tor. Daras quickly became noticed and his reputation with the Dalaran mages grew. Soon, Conjurus promoted Daras to an advisory position. He was eventually appointed Curator of the Chilltower Archive.

In the aftermath of the Second War, Daras Goldleaf gave his position as Curator up to a promising human wizard and returned to Quel'Rital and settled down for a small time. Afterwards, Daras moved to Silvermoon, where he bought an outstanding home in the Court of the Sun, which overlooked the shaded Murder Row. During the Third War, Daras witnessed the Scourge invasion into Quel'Thalas, as well has his brother's death. When The Scourge attacked Silvermoon, many areas were destroyed, but the odd location of Daras' house made it difficult to reach, thus relatively untouched.

Soon after, Daras' father, Evanir, left with Kael'Thas to find a better future for the elves and gave his Lordship of Quel'Rital to his son. From Silvermoon, Count Daras Goldleaf took charge of his new domain quickly. He appointed a council - with Areia Sunwhisper as its head - that performed as judges and rulers in his absence. Daras has tried to remain active in the community of magisters and arcanists in Silvermoon, and has encouraged magic to flourish. He remains in Silvermoon City today, making frequent trips to other cities and kingdoms. He was most recently appointed Minister of the Exterior, under the office of Convocate Temeluchus Darkstride.

History Edit

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Preceded by:
Evanir Goldleaf'''
Count of Quel'Rital
Succeeded by:

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