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Eredarei, is one of the lieutenants in the Lightfire Vanguard. She was born some time before the Third War amongst her Draenei people.

History Edit

The Young Years and the Call of the Elements Edit

Eredarei was, as above mentioned, born on Draenor amongst her kin. She survived the massacre commited by the corrupted Orcs as they raided Draenor, and escaped with the other Draenei aboard the Exodar, which later crashed on Azuremyst Isle. She survived the crash, and woke up after being unconscious for several days. Immediately she started helping out at the crash site, and eventually reported to several other stations for further duty. It was there that she came across some of the Shamans which were stationed to help the Draenei in their tasks. Struck by the mysticism of Shamanism and the power the Shamans wielded, she agreed to be taught about the Elements. Only later did she fully grasp what it meant to be a Shaman.

Her tasks were not easy, but she pulled through, and eventually left the safety of Azuremyst Isle and the Exodar for Bloodmyst Isle. There, at Blood Watch, she aided the Hand of Argus in combating the threats which they were facing. She faced the tasks the Hand of Argus gave her, and she faced the tasks of Shamanism. She would see a Draenei Shaman named Dranient often in Bloodmyst, because he was also in service of the Hand of Argus at that time. Eventually, Eredarei was tasked with finding Matis the Cruel and capture him. She wandered Bloodmyst for days in search of the Blood Elf, and one day her patience and determination was rewarded. She saw Matis, on his horse, riding away from the Vector Coil, and stood ready to shoot of her flare, which would alarm nearby personnel of the Hand in assisting her. She then saw another Draenei, a Hunter, who was engaging Matis in combat. The Hunter fought valiantly, but was overcome by Matis, and he was killed. Eredarei shouted out in vain, drawing Matis' attention. She then knew she had to act quick, and lighted the flare. Nearby personnel of the Hand of Argus then assisted her in capturing Matis the Cruel.

The Lightfire Vanguard Edit

It was around this time that Eredarei came across Felian Lightfire She took his offer to join the Lightfire Vanguard without hestitation, and thus was invited in. She felt awkward in the beginning, even though the Vanguard was small and family like. She immediately felt a strong connection to Ulua Nocturnus, one of the Druids, and Dranient, whom she would marry later.

A small while after she was recruited by the Vanguard, she set out to help a Draenei Demolitionist in destroying the Vector Coil, and she did that with the help of Dranient. She had suspicions of Dranient harboring feelings for either her or Ulua, since he would act very timid and quiet around them. She confronted Dranient about this later on, looking to find an answer. She found herself falling in love with the mystique and silent Shaman, and she was overjoyed to find out that it was indeed her who Dranient loved. After a while, Eredarei confessed about her feelings towards Dranient, and the two engaged in what would be a very turbulent relationship.

It was during this time that Felian Lightfire was scouting for people to come with ideas for any events the Vanguard could undertake, to raise the unity and spiritual bonding. Eredarei prompted the idea of a fishing trip, since fishing was one of her passions next to Cooking and Jewelcrafting. She scouted in The Barrens and found suitable placed to cast the bobber, finding alot of Deviate Fish and Longjaw Mud Snapper in the nearby Oasises. The fishing trip was born, and together with her new friends in the Vanguard she embarked on a Sunday evening to the Barrens. It was a great time, and everyone in the Vanguard had fun. Fishing wasn't the primary activity done, however. Eredarei would sit next to Dranient mostly, under a tree, just talking. The rest of the Vanguard would either just mosey around, fish a bit or just talk. In the end, after the trip was over, the Night Elf Rogue named Ainariel was declared the winner, with a staggering amount of the designated Deviate Fish. She was rewarded with a price, which was provided by the ever generous Ulua.

Felian the Death Knight and the Scarlet Crusade Edit

Shortly after the fishing trip, Felian Lightfire became corrupted by the Lich King, and was turned into a Death Knight. Eredarei found out, and together with Dranient and Ulua she came across Felian the Death Knight in Elwynn Forest. Eredarei dueled one of Felians skeleton minions, but she failed and was wounded in combat. She overcame, and after seeing the incredible power Felian now wielded, she knew that they would need allies. So, in a desperate ditch, she turned to the Scarlet Crusade, unknowing of Felians history with them. She travelled through Tirisfal Glades, and she battled alot of the Forsaken patrolling the region. Eventually, after a long and arduous journey, she arrived at the Scarlet Monastery and sought entrance. The zealots of the Scarlet Crusade didn't trust her, since her Draenei appearance seemed alien and demonic to them, but in the end she managed to convince them that she was not a demon, and that she didn't bear the Plague of Undeath. The Scarlet Crusade still didn't trust her, but now they weren't bent on killing her anymore. She was, however, constantly eyed with suspecting and distrusting eyes, and the Scarlets would often spit on the ground as she walked by.

Eredarei and the Elves Edit

Life returned to usual after Eredarei left the Monastery and Felian was cleansed. Dranient and Eredarei would often go to the waterfall in Elwynn Forest to look over it, just talking about the world and reciting their love for each other.

Eredarei was struck by the mysticism of the Night Elves and the beauty of Darnassus, and pledged herself in their service and after a long and painstacking period, she became exalted amongst the Elves. Even though she was a welcome face in Darnassus, and many Elves bowed for her, she never was fully accepted. She purchased a Saber to ride, like most Night Elves have. She named it Thalanaar, after the small outpost in Feralas. This was also inspired by Ulua's Saber, who was named Feralas.

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