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Neutral 32Eradormu, Epoch Guardian
Gender Male
Race Bronze dragon (Dragonkin)
Affiliation Bronze Dragonflight
Position Leader of The Epoch Warders
Location Unknown
Status Deceased (?)
Relative(s) Epochus (Broodfather, deceased), Stinidormi (Broodmother, deceased), Epocharian (Broodbrother, Alive), Chronodormus (Broodsister, Alive)
  • Domain: Time
  • Mate(s): None
  • Height: Varies according to form
  • Weight: Varies according to form
  • Abilities: Self-powered Flight, "Time Sense", Archival Memory
  • Breath: Lightning, Sand (resembles The Holy Light)
  • Scale Coloration: Metallic Bronze with Glowing Jade Sigils along his body. One sigil, along his left eye, switches sides while he is in the guise of a mortal.
  • Eye Coloration: Cerulean Blue
  • Friends: Cerulygos (Blue Dragonflight), Norganistrasz (Red Dragonflight), Thyferus (Green Dragonflight)

Eradormu's Sin'dorei Guise


Eradormu is a member of the Bronze Dragonflight, one of the most enigmatic of Azeroth's major Dragon groups. He is responsible for ensuring that the mortal races do not bring about Armageddon through irresponsible use of their abilities. To that end, he temporarily adopts the form of a mortal (usually Elves, Humans, or Trolls) and inserts himself into mainstream society where he becomes a valued advisor, shrewd politician, or whatever the situation calls for in an attempt to curb the foolish desires of the younger races. When the situation demands a more proactive approach, the Epoch Guardian will rally a trusted cadre of fellow Dragons and unite them under his banner. This group, styled "The Epoch Warders", understands that the natural course of history should not be interrupted and they go to great lengths to ensure that Nozdormu's Realm is not disturbed.

Like most of his flight, Eradormu is a solitary individual, often spending days on end watching events unfold and then manipulating events at precisely the right time to prevent a cataclysm of world-shattering power. He, like other Bronzes, has an inborn aptitude for "feeling" Time itself and it is not unheard of for Eradormu to remove himself from the present and consult the Timestreams for changes, both positive and negative, that he can directly affect for the betterment of the other Azerothian races.

Eradormu was not present during the War of Shifting Sands, but he did put in a brief appearance at the Battle of Mt. Hyjal before he was called away to deal with a threat to the Timestreams. He never has revealed what prompted his departure from Hyjal, but it is reported that he pulled together his Warders and made for Tanaris at top speed.

Eradormu does not fit into the typical Bronze Flight command structure, as he feels that such positions would hinder his ability to perform his function. Although he is not acknowledged as readily as Nozdormu, Anachronos, Soridormi, or even Chromie as a leader, many Bronzes consider a request from Eradormu as if it were a command. This sometimes stretches the Flight boundaries, as Blues, Reds, and even Greens have occasionally heeded Eradormu's rallying call. At one time, Eradormu worked closely with the Black Dragonflight, but after Neltharion's corruption, this came to an abrupt halt as the Blacks began working against the other Flights. Eradormu himself was almost killed during an ambush by the Blacks, barely escaping by leading them on a wild goose chase through Thousand Needles in Kalimdor - losing them only by changing into the form of a Kaldorei and plummeting into the sulphuric waters near present-day Freewind Post.

He knows that the Black Dragonflight has some larger role to play in the greater scheme of things, but he cannot bring himself to attempt a peaceful resolution with them, as they are responsible for the death of his parents - the powerful Epochus and Stinidormi.

Currently, Eradormu moves between the races of The Alliance and Horde, adopting the guise of a Night Elf Priest or a Blood Elf Paladin, respectively. He uses these guises to observe both Factions in greater detail than would be available at the Flight's capital, the Caverns of Time in Tanaris.

One small quirk of Era's is that he has recently begun playing the Violin while in his Elven or Troll forms, a talent he learned from time spent among the humans of Lordaeron. He has composed two seperate pieces that are often regarded as "..hauntingly beautiful. It makes you sad and ecstatic at the same time."

These pieces are called Requiem for The Future and Canticle of Lost Ages. Those who hear these songs are often held entranced and begin lamenting the misdeeds they performed in the past. While calling this music "magic" would be in error, it does seem to hold some power.

Darnassian ActivitiesEdit

When observing the Alliance, Eradormu takes on the guise of a Night Elven Priest named "Ezra'ai Shatterhawk" and goes to great lengths to keep the ambitions of the Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes in check. While he has not had much opporunity to observe the Draenei refugees, Eradormu has started factoring them into his calculations, and is ready to nip any disruption to the Timeways that they may cause, in the bud.

Eradormu was responsible for informing The Timeless One, Nozdormu of Fandral Staghelm's plan to create a second World Tree (Teldrassil) off the coast of Kalimdor in an attempt to recapture their lost immortality. He was not surprised that Nozdormu, or any other Aspect, refused to bless the Tree.

Eradormu, as Shatterhawk, has often let slip that after the completion of The Cycle (he will not elaborate what this term means), the Kaldorei will regain their beloved immortalty. Until then, he counsels patience among "his" people.

Shatterhawk's personality is a reflection of his true form's. He is a patient and watchful individual, often thinking five steps ahead of his companions before committing to a single one. While this annoys his friends to no end, they have begun to realize that he knows what he's talking about. This has often saved their hides as they avoid imminent disasters that they never knew were there. When asked about this "charmed life" of his, Shatterhawk just smirks and dismisses the question with the cryptic "I just had a feeling.."

Shatterhawk has recently vanished from sight, leaving his comrades bewildered as to his location.

Thalassian ActivitiesEdit

Ezra Dawnswarm, Eradormu's favored guise, is a Blood Elf Paladin and member of the Blood Knights faction of the Horde. While Eradormu cannot access the Holy Light as a mortal can, he has watched Paladins for a long time and is able to force his inherent Dragon Magic (in this case, Sand and Lightning) to take on the appearance of it. So far, the farce has been upheld. Should his ruse be uncovered, Eradormu has had enough time to plant other identities that he can easily resume if he needs to.

Eradormu, as Ezra, has been known to be a proponent of the Horde's unity - often getting right in the middle of inter-racial arguments and forcing the offended parties to come to some sort of accord. Ezra disappears from time to time, saying "..[I] need to go check on my uncle Noz. He's been under undue stress lately and could use some cheering up." and promptly departs, heading toward Tanaris.

Whether this means that Eradormu is related to Nozdormu or not is unknown.

Upon his return from these adventures, Ezra often has new insights and leads his companions on entirely different courses of actions than what they had planned. Though initially met with some skepticism, those who journey with Ezra often find themselves caught up in rewarding adventures that push aside any questions about where the information was procured. Little do they realize that they are having a direct, positive effect on history itself.

Recently, Ezra parted ways with his companions, and having an eye towards Tanaris, told them goodbye.

The ChronoslasherEdit


Eradormu's Beloved Sword

The Chronoslasher, Eradormu's trusty sword, is the only true material possession that the Epoch Guardian keeps around. The Sword was crafted from Bronze scales taken from his deceased parents' corpses and forged into this mighty blade. While it has no magical properties itself, it can serve as a focus for Eradormu's powers, directing his spells and effects with greater control than normal. The Hilt is crafted from three of his Broodmother's Wingscales, while the Blade itself is forged from five of his Broodfather's Cranial Scales.

The Chronoslasher was recently found, shattered, in the desert wastes of Tanaris. It was recovered by Occulus and brought to Nozdormu. The Sword has been sent through the Timeways to some distant point in the future. For what purpose is unknown.

Death of a DragonEdit

Because of the knowledge he possessed, Eradormu knew when his end would come and how it would occur. To that end, the Epoch Guardian promptly set into motion his final effect towards a better tomorrow.

Traveling back through time to the point where The Exodar departed Draenor, Eradormu ensured the survival of one Draenei Shaman (killed in the crash during the original timelines) by knocking the Draenei out cold during the Tempest Keep Seige and shoving him into a Cryo-Pod aboard the Dimensional Ship. Knowing this Draenei would continue his work, Eradormu returned to the present and placed his beloved sword, The Chronoslasher, on the rocks outside of the Caverns of Time and departed for Outland.

After arriving on the shattered world, Eradormu tracked down the vile Black Dragon Soulbane, one of the Wyrms who killed his Broodparents. Linking up with his siblings, Chronodormus and Epocharian, they engaged the Wyrm in battle above Terokkar Forest. The battle lasted for nearly an hour before Soulbane managed to pin Eradormu to the ground and ripped one of the Guardian's wings off.

Unable to fly and stuck on his back, Eradormu merely grinned at the Black Wyrm and spat at him, saying "I always knew I would get the last laugh, Soulbane. Might want to watch...your back..for the rest of your days." Angered, Soulbane tore out Eradormu's heart before he, himself, was destroyed by a coordinated attack from Eradormu's siblings.

Saddened by the death of their brother, Chronie and Epocha gathered up Eradormu's remains and brought him back to the Caverns of Time, where he was laid out for the others to pay their respects.

Several members of the Bronze Dragonflight, as well as the Blue Dragon Cerulygos, the Red Dragon Norganistrasz, and the Green Dragon Thyferus, formed up as an honor guard and accompanied Eradormu's body to Northrend, where he was laid to rest in the Dragonblight, near the skeletal remains of his Broodparents.

What the Future Holds..Edit

After storing the remains of Eradormu at the Bronze Dragonshrine and returning to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, Chronie and Epocha found themselves surprised when one of the Flight's closely guarded Time Portals opened and a fully restored Chronoslasher landed at their feet. Picking up the blade, Epocha turned to his sister with a quizzical look on his face.

Unable to consult with Nozdormu due to his absence, the siblings returned to the Dragonshrine in hopes of finding an answer...

The Epoch Guardian's remains were missing and the lingering energies of a Time Portal could be felt.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Time heals all wounds. There is no need to be so impatient at exacting your revenge."
  • "Warders! We are being summoned to battle! Time is of the essence!"
  • "Three thousand years per second. It is not just a good idea, it is the law. Your actual mileage may vary, of course."
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