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HordeNPC 32Tharanal
Warlord Tharanal before death
Title Warlord of the Frozen Wastes
Gender Male
Race Orc
Character class Warrior, Grunt, Warlord, Deathknight
Affiliation Orgrimmar, Warsong Offensive, Argent Crusade
Position Warlord of the Frozen Wastes
Location Orgrim's Hammer
Status Alive
Relative(s) Garrosh Hellscream(Commander), Gorgonna(Old friend), Macaron(Friend), Yitzu(Friend)
Mentor(s) Thrall

Tharanal Edit

An Orc Deathknight who wield his axe just for the Horde.

In Draenor Edit

When he was in his childhood, a spaceship came from the sky inhabited by some wierd creatures that called themselves Draenei, they came telling stories of an evil force that was following their steps. Most of the clans offered to help them and teach them into the shamanistic ways. Peace was kept for many months later after the tragedy occured. Later, when he was young and in his warrior training, some evil was arrising, the so called "Burning Legion" was attaacking the orc territories until Mannoroth came, He said that the orcs had a potential that none race had, and that if we drink it's blood, we would be one of the most powerful races ever known. The warchiefs drank the blood and so as Tharanal. Then, the atrocities ocurred, one young general was laying siege in Shattrath, the draenei city and that almost every draenei was killed. After that, someone opened a portal, leading us to a new world.

Azeroth Edit



There he was, in the new world. Young but strong, Tharanal helped to build a base called Stonard while scouts search the "kingdom" of the "Humans" that Mannoroth mentioned. He was in charge of cutting the woods with his axe the most quickly he could. He gathered lumber quickly as possible until the builders told him that it was enough. The next day, the scouts had found the Human Kingdon, quickly all the orcs that could wield an axe should report Blackhand. Tharanal with demon blood in his veins he was totally sure that he will win his first battle and he didn't feel fear at all.

First War Edit

There he was, cold rain and a dense fog was sorrounding the troops. The three villages of Sunnyglade, Moonbrook and Goldshire were just ahead ready for being destroyed. An then, the invasion began the troops divided for conquering, Tharanal has to be with his troops on the way to moonbrook. There just outside Moonbrook, one scout gave us the information and that it had the greatest mine in the hole kingdom and it will be a great advantage for the orcs to capture it. The battle for Moonbrook began, our horns sounded and every orc came out, the orc riders who seemed that got out from nowhwere started to kill every citizen while Tharanal engaged fight with the Human soldiers. He killed many in that night, even the major of the town and all the peons in the Deadmines. After that, Tharanal and most of the soldiers left Moonbrook to meet at the recently captured Goldshire. The Orcs were prepared to lay siege to Stormwind.

The Fall of Stormwind and the persecution of Humans Edit

When the orcs were gathered outside of Stormwind, everyone heard a terrifing roar, and after, all the hordes charged against the enemy crushing and killing every man they could. Good news arrived, King Llane Wyrnn, the leader of humans was killed and the morale decreased on the human defenders who were easily defeated. The gate got dawn and we killed every refugee and we captured the city and it's fortress. The humans lost this war and it was obvious. Some of them flew to the north looking for hope. Also, wierd new arrived that our Warchief, Blackhand, was killed and not by human hand, it was by Orgrim Doomhammer now called The Backstabber who was now...our new Warchief. After the victory we heard a word from Mannoroth, we needed to pursiut the humans to the north, the fleet was on construction and when it would be finished, the Horde will be unleashed in the North.

Second War Edit

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