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or Garnett the Seeker


This article is a player character biography page for Garnett of Hellscream Europe created by EmyP. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Garnett Horde 15 Hellscream Europe IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 80 Freeborn Member
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank




Garnett was created the day I got BC, shortly after getting engaged. Her name is from the stone in my engagement ring, although I had to add the extra T as Garnet was taken... :)

As a hunter, Garnett has had many pets over her career to date. Her first was a Dragonhawk called Goldie from just outside Silvermoon City.

Currently she is raiding at T10 level (ICC). Pre-3.0 she saw kills of all but Netherspite in Karazhan, but didn't have the opportunity to visit other high level raids. After the 3.0 nerf she got to see Gruul, Magtheridon and Zul'Aman as well. She has also enjoyed completing the other Wrath raids, including Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, Vault of Archavon and Onyxia.

I love achievements... I am presently working towards Mountain o' Mounts, The Exalted, and the Outland raid achievements.

Current PetsEdit


  • Beast Mastery with Exotics. With the changes to talents in Wrath, her talents have shifted from BM with a bit of survival used in TBC for the trapping boost, via BM with some Marksman for the +hit and +crit bonuses, to Frostheim's Extreme Soloing build, for soloing Zul'Gurub for the Tiger mount...
  • Marksman for raiding.

Achievements and TitlesEdit



450 mining and jewelcrafting

Able to craft Epic and almost all Rare quality gems. Slowly working on the tokens for all the epic patterns... >.<

Hunter gems:

Other stats:

Relevant WebsitesEdit

  • Warcraft Hunter's Union: [[2]]

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