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Name Edit

My name is Kitty-Feiertag, which is not my real and true name but it is really close. See, with all things associated with the internet, you must be very careful. Emmune to your Magic is my WowWiki name, and it is derived from one of my character names that was on a trial and will never be my character again. She was a level 28 Undead Warlock and was one of my personal favorites. The "to your Magic" bit resulted from a conversation with a friend of mine that I was dueling, he was a level 30 Troll Rogue. He kept trying to poison me all that he possibly could, but he failed most of the time. As I finished him and my guard was down, he managed to poison me and simultaneously a pvp player attacked me (I was really low on health b/c of the poison) and killed me. My friend then continued to say that I infact was not Emmune to his Magic, degrading my name as he went on and on, it only seemed fitting to wear the name one last time.

Purpose Edit

I am here strictly because I enjoy Warcraft lore and I like to correct misspelled words and common confusions, such as Outland being called The Outlands or Outlands.. and Warcraft III written as Warcraft 3. ^.^

Hobbies Edit

I am interested in every part of computers except for programming. I have a degree that I just got today as a Web Designer, May 14, 2007. I still have to finish another year in order to get the full degree(time/experience) but other than that, I have passed all of my certification tests. My other skills include:

  • Typing / Office Documents
  • Computer Restoration
  • Hardware Connections / Resetting Hardware
  • Installing New Hardware
  • Installing Body Kits and Faceplates for New Computers
  • Refurbishing old parts to hold up to New Age Standards
  • Cleaning up computers (mainly used by teenagers)
  • Resetting Startup to only load less than 3 programs
  • Calculating CPU processing speeds and utilizing computer to actually run that fast
  • Breaking Computers that have no hope left in this world

Favorite Quotes Edit

  • "You never know what kind of side effects you could get drinking out Guld'dan's shiny noggen...." -Baggins
  • "Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them enough not to."
  • "Eat right, Exercize daily, Die Anyways."
  • "There are three types of people in the world, those who can count, and those who cannot."
  • "Death is life's way of telling you that you've been fired."
  • "Don't follow in my Footsteps, I run into Walls."
  • "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget."


Thank you so very much for reading!

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