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Originally, Emcepticon was manufactured as a hunter/killer in a galaxy with a name unpronouncable in any language, designed to eliminate any threats to the Decepticon Empire. Unfortunately, due to a series of egregious violations of causality and a variety of plot holes involving time travel, she was retconned to not be a robot at all and instead be a 23-year-old librarian with a sense of irony. She spends most of her time playing World of Warcraft, reading, editing things online during time she's at work, and looking for one of those human-to-robot mind transferrance devices they featured all the time in cartoons from the 1980s.

In addition to causing huge amounts of damage to intelligent discourse, she is Queen of France, the former star of short-lived television sitcom Ring Twice for Service, the inventor of the Internet, lead singer of a variety of bands, holder of a large number of super powers, the really last Guardian of Tirisfal, and a compulsive liar.

She also enjoys roleplaying, potatoes au gratin, and putting up needlessly comedic profile introductions in lieu of being at home and uploading things of utility.

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