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AllianceNPC 32Elyzian Blackmore
Title High Scout of the Order of the Golden Law, 'Spectre'
Gender Male
Race Unknown (Lordaeronian Human)
Level 90
Character class Rogue
Affiliation Order of the Golden Law, SI:7(Formerlly)
Position High Scout
Location Unknown
Status (Alive)
Relative(s) None
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Elyzian Blackmore was the first High Scout of the Golden Law. Formerly one of the political assassins for SI:7, Elyzian left after information he was given was falsified by his commanders and caused him to kill an innocent man. He later joined the Golden Law as a means to attone for his sins and now stands alongside the holy knights of the Light, fighting beside them in combat and provides guidence to the up and comming scouts.


Elyzian is a level 90 Rogue roleplaying on the Server:Wyrmrest Accord US Server.

Personality & DescriptionEdit

Elyzian is never much one for talking. Normally opting to remain silent and in the shadows, keeping watch over the members of the Golden Law when needed as well as watching her enemies when ordered. Aside from this no one much knows about the former assassin other than he has been a loyal member of the Order for some time now.

When it comes to his armor, one wouldn't expect Elyzian to be a member of a Holy Order. His armor is that of an assassin, throwing knives adorn most of it, and the colors are a stark contrast to that of the rest of the Order, being crimson and black. However, if one were to take a moment and 'feel' his armor they would notice something interesting. The armor that he wears has been blessed by priests and paladins of the Light. As such it is considered Holy giving him an edge over shadow users, necromancers or anyone who uses death magics.

Beyond this, he is almost always seen with two Holy swords upon his hips. These swords, formerly twin Runeblades, were aquired by Elyzian during a personal expedition to Northrend. Upon his return, EVERY personal favor he had ever stored up during his time in SI:7 was called in and the swords were eventually purified after many weeks of painstaking cleansing. They are now blades of the Holy Light


Elyzian was born 25 years ago in the city of Stratholme towards the tail end of the second war. It was here the young boy was raised for most of his youth and for the most part it was what one would expect. He played with other kids his age, learned in school much like the rest, and played pranks as any child would do. However, things would begin to change as time moved foward.

When the second war ended, Elyzian was only 6 years old. He had no idea what war really was and as a child he didn't much care. However, only 5 years later, the young boys life would be turned upside down. You see, 5 years after the end of the second war, a strange plague began to spread through Norther Lordaeron. This plague was told to bring people back from the dead as walking corpses and many people were afraid. Little did they know, what they truly had to fear was still yet to come.

When the plague was found the young Prince and Paladin, Arthas Menethil, went on a search to possibly find not only the caues but also a cure. However, duing that hunt the Prince became increasingly more violent and unreasonable. It was because of this, that at the age of 11, Elyzian found himself an Orphan. When Arthas began moving through the massive city, killing men, women, and children, the young boys parents managed to get him out of the city. However, they were not so fortunate.

Over the course of several months, the young Elyzian made his way south where he was eventually found, malnourished and dehydrated, and taken to Stormwind. It was there where he was put into the Orphanage in Cathedral Square, at least they tried to put him there. While he was young, he was stubborn and watching his home burn didn't do much to make him easy to deal with. As such he could never be kept at the Orphanage and for the next 7 years eventually raised himself on the streets, only stopping when he was caught trying to sneak into SI:7 or pick pocketing shoppers in the trade district.

However, some noticed the potential within the young boy and when he reached the age of 18 he was recruited by those within SI:7 and taught him their ways. However, after several years of working for them, he left the organization. His reason for this was after being sent on an assignment where he was ordered to take the life of a supposed 'enemy of the King', he found that the information he'd been given was falsified by his handler. Enraged he cut all ties to SI:7 and went to find his own path and find a way to atone for what he had done. That path led him to the Order of the Golden Law. They took him in with open arms and soon after the former Grand Sentinel took him under his wing.

Since that time Elyzian has been granted the rank of High Scout and is routinely sent out on missions others would be unable to take and to watch events from the shadows in order to protect the Order and its members.

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